Trey Gowdy Slams FBI Handling of Clinton Email Case!

We should all be grateful for the few politicians working on Congress who are willing to tell the truth about the disgusting political quagmire that is Washington, D.C. Trey Gowdy is such a man, and this past week he proved his mettle again when he went on national television and broke down his case against the FBI, clearly and concisely. Gowdy explained that the FBI (and Director James Comey in particular) let down the nation by handing immunity to the “trigger man” in the Clinton email scandal.

This is prosecutor 101. You don’t give immunity to the person who actually robbed the bank. You may want to give it to the getaway driver. You may want to give it to the person who helped count the money afterwards, but you don’t give immunity to the person who walked in and robbed the bank. That’s not that complicated, but that’s apparently what the FBI did…

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We need to ask the FBI what kinds of immunity did you give? And why did you give it to the triggerman, why did you give it to the person who actually destroyed government documents?…

They guessed wrong. That’s why. They got it wrong. They blew it. They gave immunity to the trigger man. That’s why those of us that used to do it for a living didn’t like to give immunity. That’s why you never heard me calling for giving Bryan Pagliano immunity. You better be right on who the trigger person is. You better be right on who the culprit is if you’re going to give transactional immunity. If that’s what they did, then they immunized the one person you would must want to prosecute for the destruction of government records. It is frankly stunning.


Onan Coca

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