Rep. Trey Gowdy Says Democrats Will Be SHOCKED If They Read the Benghazi Report

Congressman [score]Trey Gowdy[/score] (R-SC) is sick and tired of Democrats and the liberal media (but I repeat myself) attempting to politicize the Benghazi investigation. Time and again he has argued that neither he nor his Republican colleagues are the people who keep dragging Hillary Clinton’s name into the investigation. Clinton keeps popping up because of the reticence of her staff to have anything to do with the proceedings, and because of the clumsy cover-up that the Obama White House attempted in the days following the Benghazi terror attack.

On Tuesday, Congressman Gowdy appeared on MSNBC to talk about the final Benghazi Report and to exhort Democrats everywhere to read it for themselves. However, he doesn’t seem very confident that they will…

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I would ask you and all of my fellow citizens, put aside what the Democrats say the report is going to be like. It’s actually out. Read it for yourself, and read all of the new information that we found and what our focus is on. It is not on one person. It is on four people whose political ideations, I have no idea what they are…

I think Mr. Cummings and the other Democrats just assumed that the Republicans were going to do what they thought we were going to do, which was a political exercise. They will be shocked when they read the report, if they do bother to read the report. It is a series of heroic acts by our fellow Americans, and what we can do to prevent the next. Yes, Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State at the time. I can’t get around that fact. But the focus of this report is on exactly what the families asked us to focus on, and shame on the Democrats for figuring that out two years too late.





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