Trend of Do-Nothing Law Enforcement Rears Ugly Head in Annapolis

Throughout the course of the last 2 years, Americans have been inundated by a pointless argument over the reality of the Second Amendment.

Why is it pointless?  Simply because the goal of repealing the right to bear arms is absolutely impossible to achieve.  Freedom is binary, with no real grey areas.  You are either free, or you are not.  Thus, the end of the right to bear arms is the end of freedom, and an end to the entire American experiment.

And, as if you needed any more proof of the argument’s absurdity, imagine that the democrats succeed.  Then what?  They go door to door to snatch up all of the firearms we have?  How do you think that ends?

There is no repealing the Second Amendment, but the left sure loves to drum up support for the idea.

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This has allowed some heavily delusional thinking to invade our national conversation on mental health – the true culprit behind the horrific rampages that we have witnessed in recent months.  Certainly, in the case of the Capital Gazette shooting yesterday, we are dealing with a deranged madman who mutilated his own hands in order to frustrate police.  

Worse yet, there were clear and concise warnings made about the shooter to the authorities.  In what has become a deplorable trend, these warnings were ignored.

A woman who claimed that the Capital Gazette shooting suspect had stalked, harassed and sued her warned a former police official that “he will be your next mass shooter,” according to a new report.

The woman, whose name was not released, also told local station WBAL 11 that Jarrod W. Ramos, 38, the shotgun-toting man who allegedly burst into the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Md., on Thursday, killing five staffers, was “a f—ing nut job.”

Jayne Miller, an investigative reporter at WBAL, tweeted that the woman told her Ramos became “fixated” on her for no obvious reason — causing her to move three times, change her name and even sleep with a gun out of fear.

This trend has been on the rise as of late, with Florida high school shooter Nikolas Cruz having been reported to the FBI as someone who would likely “shoot someplace up”.  

Even more incredibly, Pulse Nightclub shooter Omar Mateen had been living with an FBI informant for 11 years before his rampage, and had been reported to the local FBI office after attempting to purchase thousands of rounds of ammunition from an attentive gun shop owner.

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