Transgenderism: It’s not a Between the Legs Problem it is a Between the Ears Problem

My wife has stated to me more than once that she wishes she had been born a man. It has nothing to do with the fact that she wants a penis. It has to do with the fact that her uterus is not always nice to her. So she doesn’t really WANT to be a man, she just doesn’t always like being a woman. That does not make her transgender; that makes her human. Any man who has taken a blow to “the family jewels” will probably tell you that at that moment he wasn’t too fond of his anatomy either. So basically, we don’t like gender related pain. I won’t even get into the topic  of childbirth. Neither of us would ever consider mutilating our bodies because we have functioning grey matter.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: with the exception of those rare few who are hermaphrodites, all you need do to know your gender is to take a peek in your undies. It’s not rocket science BUT it is biology.

For those who say BUT I “identify” as a woman/man. Well,  I want to identify as a millionaire BUT I only have $5 in the bank, so no matter what I want, I AM WHAT I AM. I also would like to identify as a 20 year old body builder BUT I am a 40 something chubby guy. I can try to IDENTIFY as something all day long that doesn’t make me that.

For those who say they are transgender it is clear that these are people who are truly unhappy with themselves. Not unlike an anorexic or bulimic person, they feel they have no control over their lives so they try to control what they think they can. With an eating disorder they control the food, whether they starve or binge, it is all about controlling what goes into the body. With transgenderism it is about controlling what is ON the body. There are people who have so much cosmetic surgery they become unrecognizable. Does anybody remember Michael Jackson? These are not happy, well-adjusted people. Being well-adjusted means realizing that the world is not about you.  I know that is really hard for some people to get, but it is no less true.

Instead of helping people who are maladjusted, the world wants to bend over backwards to make their dysfunction acceptable.  That is not going to make the person any happier or better off — it is just going to deform their bodies. Supporting transgenderism is like giving a drunk a bottle of Vodka. Instead, we need to be giving them mental therapy to fix the REAL problem instead of cosmetic surgery which fixes nothing. Unless you are Bruce Jenner and then it gets you rid of your crazy wife.

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