Transgender Sex Assault on 10 Year Old in Bathroom Rocks Wyoming

Late in former President Obama’s second, lame duck term, the Commander in Chief developed a strange obsessions with transgendered Americans.

Of course, the recent announcement by Caitlyn, nee Bruce, Jenner that she would be undergoing gender reassignment surgery had an effect on the advocacy surrounding the otherwise fringe issue, but Barack Obama’s outreach belied a much less transparent agenda.

What Obama was truly working to create was a galvanized voting force for the democrats, who he prophetically believed would struggle against America’s conservative silent majority in the general election.  By singling out, making inroads with, and then exploiting communities such as America’s transgendered individuals, Obama was shoring up support for Hillary Clinton among the group’s patriarchs, (or, matriarchs?).  

Alas, even this desperate plea wasn’t enough to give democratic diva Hillary Clinton a fighting chance in November, but it did spawn what many are calling the new wave of “trans-trender” Americans.

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Further complicating the issue was Obama’s push for the gender-neutralization of America’s public bathrooms, allowing for men and women to utilize whichever restroom they wish depending on how they “identify” on any given day.  Despite rightful opposition from We The People, who logically believed that this would create dangerous opportunities for pedophiliac sexual criminals, the left prevailed.

Now, one 10 year old girl in Wyoming is paying the price.

“A Wyoming man who identifies as a woman named “Michelle” is now standing trial for the alleged rape of a 10-year-old girl, reports say.

“Miguel Martinez was arrested after the child’s mother reported the attack to Caspar, Wyoming, police. Martinez was arrested and pleaded not guilty last May, and now the trial is underway.

“According to the charges, the child’s mother told police that Martinez, who was a family friend, led the child into a bathroom in March and began feeling her breasts and genitals before disrobing her and sexually assaulting her.

“The child told police and medical professionals that ‘it hurt inside’ after the encounter.

“A sexual assault examination found redness and abrasions on the child’s genitalia, and rape was confirmed.”

A despicable act made possible by the political correctness of the radical left, once again.

By outlawing criticism and concern for the behavior of certain Americans has given sexual predators an “in” for certain, harmful behaviors, due to the pervasive attitude that certain sects of fringe America are above accusation.  Today, it is a 10 year old victim in Wyoming, but if the left doesn’t come to grips with reality, it could be your child or grandchild tomorrow.

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