“Transgender” Man Moved Back to Men’s Prison for Having Sex

We are told that we should take all claims of the transgender serious. Transgender people cannot help that they were physically born the wrong sex. They need our compassion and understanding. This means that we should spare no expense or inconvenience to accommodate their needs.

We have heard many, including me, state the obvious problem with this view. The accommodations can cause a dangerous situation. Men in the ladies room should concern us, at least for the little girls that have to use those facilities. So, we should not be surprised that the British are having their own difficulty with such foolish policies.

Breitbart reports

A transgendered murderer, who is biologically male, has been moved out of a female jail after being accused of having sex with the women there.

Paris Green, who identifies as a woman, was jailed after being found guilty of helping to torture a man to death after a row over a bag of chips.

However, Green, 23, was housed on a female wing in HMP Edinburgh after claiming to want to live as a woman and go through a sex change operation.

A source familiar with the case told The Star: “The women want sex and Paris is the only person who can give it to them.

“She was warned about her behaviour several times but it didn’t stop her. In the end prison bosses decided enough was enough and sent her back to the male wing.”

I wonder how such a possibility could have been overlooked. It is simply mindless to think that a transgender man would also be heterosexual. Or wait! What if he never was transgender in the first place? Could it be that this lawbreaker, this murderer, could be lying?

Na! what was I thinking.

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