Transgender Insanity Exposed by Lauren Southern [VIDEO]

This Canadian transgender insanity is the same that the Federal government wants to impose on schools and restrooms in the U.S.

This is the kind of flimsy stupidity and transgender insanity that will get older males access to women’s restrooms. Here’s a brief video showing what Laura Southern did to be identified as “a man.”

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That doctor’s note that Laura Southern acquired was based on her own statement using a few key phrases. That was all it took! Furthermore, the Prime Minister wants to cease to require a doctor’s note.

Every confused teen will have the right to be identified as the opposite sex. So will every adult male pervert wanting an excuse to hunt in the “ladies” room.

Watch how easy it was for Laura Southern to “become a man.”

Southern’s monologue at the end is pure gold. Among problems with the transgender insanity she lists, I’ll mention one more: transgender insanity is being used to attack voter ID laws.

From the Indianapolis Star:

For an estimated thousands of Hoosiers, voting is not just a constitutional right — it is also a potentially perilous encounter that forces them to out themselves as transgender.

Indiana law requires voters to show government-issued identification, such as a driver’s license, at the polls. But some transgender people may have names, genders or photos on their IDs that don’t match their gender identity. In other words, they may look different from the photo on their ID, or they may go by a different name.

On one side of the table, transgender people may feel nervous that poll workers might not believe their identity, making a scene or even turning them away from voting. On the other, poll workers are tasked with verifying the eligibility of voters.

Advocates fear unfamiliarity with transgender people could present obstacles to obtaining ballots in an election year when transgender rights are under fire, and biases against transgender people have become more public.

This lunacy is the gift that keeps on giving to Leftist rulers.

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