Transgender Accommodations Required at Religious Institutions?

California’s Democrat-dominated legislature has passed bad bills before, but this one will negatively impact all Californians, their children and grandchildren at deep psychological and spiritual standpoints! Your state may be next!

AB 1732, which is now on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk, seeks to force new social engineering and a politically correct ideology. This new law for transgender accommodations is certain to cause conflict in churches, temples, mosques, and other places of worship. Its “public accommodations” provisions will be felt by religious schools and day care centers, homeless centers, senior housing, religious colleges, religious training centers, camps or retreat centers.

The Democrats AB 1732 will force all “places of public accommodation” to tear down “men,” “women,” “boys,” and “girls” single-user restroom signs, to replace with pro-transsexuality “all gender” signs and possibly also install a men’s urinal in the women’s room! Apparently, this includes all businesses (including home businesses), church schools, daycare centers, senior centers, and more.

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Because religious institutions are not exempt in this ill-conceived and poorly-drafted bill, it will negatively impact the many California faith-based institutions and their adherents, which have religious objections to “all gender” restrooms. Religious operations involving “services for money” on church or religion-based property are included in the phrase “place of public accommodation,” as defined by the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (Sec.36.104 Definitions) at 

Randy Thomasson at has provided studied input for this article and points out that many churches have elementary schools, others have nurseries, day care centers, homeless shelters, and a broad array of social services. Other religious organizations operate senior homes and adoption agencies. Churches, temples, mosques and other places of worship can sell advertising to candidates or rent their facilities to outside entities. Religious-based schools charge tuition and fees to students. Church-run camps charge fees to their own congregants and outside groups. Other examples include car washes, paid field trips, etc.

Whether renting, charging tuition or fees, or bartering goods or services, religious organizations and ministries are doing “an exchange of goods and services for money,” which is the simple definition of “commerce,” including them in “place of public accommodation” for both state and federal law. Yet there is no religious exemption in AB 1732 to accommodate any religious objection to permitting men, women, boys, and girls to use the same single-user restroom.

This intrusive bill will create conflicts with faith-based institutions, whether they have facilities with adults or children, that wish to keep “men” restrooms separate from “women” restrooms, or “boys” restrooms separate from “girls” restrooms. They would either be committing a crime or opening themselves to lawsuits if they decide they will not comply with AB 1732. 

Please pray and Californians should then contact Governor Brown’s office to urge him to veto this unnecessary and intrusive bill! There is a limited time to convince him that religious-related institutions should be exempt from consideration as “places of public accommodation” in this new Democratic-designed, transgender-accommodation mandate.

Californians should mail your letter RE: AB 1732 Veto Request to:

 Governor Jerry Brown, State Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814


Gary Curtis

Gary Curtis is a recently retired minister who writes a blog, where he seeks to relate a biblical worldview regarding societal issues of public interest. Trying to be “salt and light,” as Jesus commands, these brief blog-posts are primarily pro-life, pro-family and pro-religious liberties, while also speaking up for the people and nation of Israel.

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