The Trans-Species Child

My daughter came home the other day with her little pink bookbag covered in butterflies. Inside was her daily folder full of papers. One of her papers said “What I want to be when I grow up.” She is only 8 and her answer was Minnie Mouse.

Now if I was a complete nut I would see about getting her whisker implants, large artificial ears and have her voicebox removed so that all she could do was squeak. However, I am a pretty stable person, so I decided instead to smile about it and realize that she will probably change her mind and want to be a doctor, lawyer, nurse or one of a million other things in the next couple of decades. In the meantime I might buy her a polka dotted dress for Halloween and let her dress up as her favorite character.

One of the biggest lies we tell our children is that they can do or be anything. It’s simply not true. They can’t be a bird. They can’t turn into an elephant. Invisibility is not in their future. Perhaps that is why I will never understand people who decide that if their son says he wants to be a girl or their daughter says she wants to be a boy that they get all worked up and decide to pump them full of hormones, change their wardrobe to items suited to the opposite sex and start hunting up plastic surgeons. Perhaps it is because they are so unhappy with who and what they are that they decide they will do “whatever it takes” to make their child happy. What these parents do not realize is the inherent harm they are causing by not telling their child the truth. You are what you are and .you need to find contentment and peace within yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that they are ill equipped to do so because they themselves are miserable being them BUT to visit that on a child is simply abusive.

If more parents would do what they are called to do and be parents instead of wanting to be their child’s friend, the world would be a better place. Part of being a parent is saying “NO” to our children when the request is harmful or impossible.

If a child says “Mom I want to be a drunk” you don’t go out and buy them liquor.

If a child says “I want to be a meth head” you don’t go out and score drugs for them. Why is it that when it comes to sex and sexuality so many are willing to bend over backwards to make what is against the laws of nature possible? Is it because we are so bombarded with sex as a society? No, that can’t be it, because we are also bombarded with drugs. Is it because some quack decided that changing a man’s outward appearance could make him closely resemble a female so it became obtainable? Perhaps. Is it because there is a segment of society who wants to deny the existence of God and at the same time try to be him? I think that is much closer to the truth.

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