Trans Pronoun Nonsense Goes Global as Premier League Soccer Joins

The latest fad among progressive social justice “warriors” the world over is an increasingly murky view of gender and biology.

This reality-behind jaunt into the liberal ether has been ongoing for just over a year now, thanks to former U.S. President Barack Obama’s sudden and unusual obsession with the subject late during his presidency.  The then-Commander in Chief even went so far as to decree that all American public schools would be held ransom by withholding federal funding until their bathrooms and locker rooms were deemed “gender neutral”.

While this was more than likely a simple stunt to drum up democratic support from a tiny, but exponentially growing demographic ahead of the 2016 elections, the trans-trenders began a hostile takeover of the LGBTQ+ community during late 2016.  Now, as their virtue-signaling rhetoric becomes ever more confusing, the English Premier League soccer organization has been forced to address the invented issue.

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“Swansea and Bournemouth will be the first top-flight football clubs to offer the non-binary prefix ‘Mx’, they announced to fans as UK sports gear up for an unprecedented LGBT campaign.

“Both teams said that supporters who ‘[do] not wish to be identified by traditional gender categories’ can opt for the transgender-friendly ‘Mx’, in a statement ahead of a ‘designated LGBT fixture’  between the clubs at the Liberty Stadium this weekend.

“’As a club, we’re continually looking at ways to make our services more inclusive,’ said Swansea equality and diversity manager Lucy Norman of the trans-friendly title, which will be rolled out across major points of service at the club.

“She added: ‘Language plays a really important part in delivering this and ensuring that everyone feels welcome — regardless of age, gender or gender identity, sexuality, or ethnicity.’”

By now injecting one of sport’s most valuable organizations with their ridiculous nonsense, the trans-trender movement has gone fully global.

What many of the radical left neo-Fascists have yet to realize, however, is that their attempts at declassifying human beings will soon reach critical mass, predictably flipping the script.  In a matter of decades, we will likely see a resurgence of individuality that will make generic pronouns and prefixes completely tasteless, as men and women once again demand to be called “men” and “women” respectively.

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