Top Obama Aide Praises President Trump says his Style is “Quicker, more Decisive”

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Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin had nothing but good things to say about his current boss and the changes he’s implemented that are shifting operations away from how President Obama used to do them.

Shulkin was an important member of the Obama administration when he served as Undersecretary for Health, so to hear him offer such high praise of President Trump while simultaneously disparaging the Obama teams philosophy of management is surprising.

The Washington Examiner recently asked Shulkin to explain how life in the federal government had changed since the Trump administration had taken over, his response was amazing and should make the folks in the White House happy.

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I have found that mandate from him, to get this organization fixed and the support and freedom to go out and challenge old assumptions, as exactly what the VA needs right now. I think the organization feels more empowered to fix problems than they have in the past, and my hope is that we will be able to set the path so that the organization is earning back that trust that it needs.” 

Shulkin later added that the President had tasked Shulkin to run the Veterans Affairs department much as he would a business and that has given Shulkin and his employees the ability to “challenge assumptions,” “make decisions,” and “fundamentally” shift the direction of the agency down a better path.

“The president very much looks at this organization like running a business. And he understands that you need to allow the manager of the business to have the freedom to go out and to challenge assumptions and to make decisions. Slow, incremental change isn’t what this organization needs. He did not come in to make incremental change; he came in to set a fundamental different course in direction when it comes to providing services to veterans.”

Shulkin finally explained what the “secret sauce” in Trump’s recipe was for success and why Shulkin believed he would succeed where Obama failed.

“Acting quicker and more decisively is part of that management style.”

Maybe if the Democrats (and Obama) spent less time on their witch hunt searching for phantom Trump crimes, they could actually learn a thing or two about leadership from the President.

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