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Top Liberal Media Fake News Stories of the Era of President Trump

A few years ago I wrote a piece chronicling the “top 50” examples of liberal media bias with examples stretching back some sixty years.

But in this hyperfast age of Trump with the media working overtime to destroy our president, examples of bias and “fake news” are coming at us so thick and fast that it is hard to keep up with them all. But in this article, I will present some of the leading examples of fake news perpetrated as real information by the left-wing media in the age of Trump.

In the 1930s, 40s, and 50s the media landscape was without a doubt a more ideologically balanced part of our culture. Each city used to have several newspapers and radio stations; some leaned Democrat, some Republican and others more independent. But starting in the 1960s, the media began to consolidate around liberalism as more and more “journalists” graduated J-schools as liberals and thence began infecting the media landscape with a singular, left-wing ideology. This drift to the left in journalism schools reflected the wider veer leftward of the university scene as a whole.

Then came Watergate which spawned a new wave of “journalists” who felt that their job was to attack the power structure — whatever it might be — as opposed to reporting the why, who, when, and where of any particular story. Instead of normal reporting, these new “journalists” felt that their job was to destroy the right and to use their stories to push leftism. Gone was the just-the-facts-style of journalism, replaced by agenda journalism.

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This skewed, fake style of “journalism” became ubiquitous by 2000 when the media worked to cancel George W. Bush’s Electoral College win and then as it attacked Bush daily. It grew apace as it rose to deify Barack Obama, one of the most anti-American presidents in U.S. history, and has since become a fever swamp in its desire to destroy Donald J. Trump today.

Liberals coined the term “fake news” in order to use it as a weapon to undermine any of the few conservative sources of news out there. But the tables were turned when President Trump turned that term back on the liberal media when he first began calling CNN “very fake news” during the 2016 campaign for president.

This will be by no means a comprehensive list — nor will it be in any sort of order by date — but it will suffice to show that in the last decades and specifically since Trump came to office, the media has thrown away any pretext of being interested in the “news” and is now fully the most powerful propaganda arm of the progressive movement.

First a word about Mueller’s investigation: Granted we could spend a thousand pages detailing all the fake news that the media has sold to America over this fake “investigation” into “Russian collusion” being conducted by Robert Mueller. But that story is so convoluted and involved that we will just have to take it as such and delve into the other fake stories about Trump.

But let’s not ignore the Mueller new entirely. Let’s lead with two on the Trump/Russia nonsense:

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