The Top Five Excuses for Hillary’s Loss

One of the basic tenets of liberalism is to never, EVER, under any circumstances, accept responsibility.

Here are the top five excuses why election night 2016 found Hillary, by some reports (please insert hyperlink #1, from below the article), alternating between blubbering and threatening violence, most likely screaming . . .


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Reason #5 – The Russians are coming!

Apparently, Boris and Natasha hacked a bunch of emails. Or something.

There is zero proof that Russia was behind the Podesta emails. Naturally, this hasn’t prevented the media from pretending there is. Say it enough times and fools believe. Plus, it deflects from the nasty content found within the emails themselves.

Reason #4 – Les Deplorables

After November 8, 2016, it’s clear to everyone that labeling half the country as ignorant, deplorable, undesirable, racist, misogynist and all the other “ists” is not going to help you recruit any new members to your fan club.

Well, almost everybody.

Dems and the media post-election are the same as Dems and the media pre-election, except the narrative of Trump is evil, his supporters are stupid, and they will fail in their bid to win the presidency has changed to Trump is evil and will fail as president, we’re doomed, and it’s all the fault of his supporters because they’re stupid.

You know the experiment where they test rats’ intelligence by sticking them in a cage with two levers, one gives up a food pellet, the other gives an electric shock?

The smart rat quickly figures it out and only hits the lever that drops a pellet.

Dems and the media are the other rat. ZAP!

Reason #3 – Vox Populi

Good news! Hillary actually didn’t lose the election. She won. Kind of.

While scanning NY Times’ chief economist and head elf Paul Krugman’s weekly anti-Trump screed, I came across this line:

But he didn’t win the popular vote.”

It sounded familiar.

Hmm, where have I seen or heard this line before?

Oh yeah, that’s right – in EVERY article from the press and in EVERY segment on cable news over the last two weeks.

Let’s take a closer look, using numbers readily available at CNN’s (please insert link #2) website.

In Los Angeles, Hillary beat Trump by 1,273,485 votes.

In four of the five boroughs that make up New York City – Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx (nobody counts Staten Island as New Yorkers except Staten Islanders) – Hillary beat Trump by 1,536,797 votes.

The entire two million voter gap that every media mouthpiece works into every discussion on Trump can be traced to just two cities.

And two cities do not rule the rest of the country.

Remove them and Trump wins the popular vote to 62,801,512 to 62,645,483.

Yes, the media is being honest when they say Hillary won the popular vote by more than 2 million votes.

Yes, they are, as usual, not giving you all the pertinent info because they think you are malleable.

It’s all irrelevant anyway due to a little thing called the Electoral College.

But, bitter clingers got to bitterly cling.

Reason #2 – Whitey!

Election night, right out of the box, the left went to their tried and true favorite – the race card. Whitelash they were calling it. It seems most of the white people who voted for half-black Obama became racist and didn’t want to vote for the all-white Hillary. (Yes, you’re right. That makes no sense at all, but we’re talking about progressives here.) This failed to gain traction so they began floating alternative bogeymen such as the ones above, before finally coalescing on . . .

Reason #1 – Fake News

FAKE NEWS is the de rigueur talking point the media has settled on to etch-a-sketch away Hillary’s embarrassing loss. At least that’s their cover story. What they’re really up to is a weak attempt to squash media outlets that dare post opposing viewpoints in an attempt to control information in future elections. This, from the gang who brought us:

The edited Zimmerman 911 call

A cropped photo of a rifle-carrying white supremacist at an Obama rally who turned out to be . . . black

The false narrative that a video cause the Benghazi murders

Hands up, don’t shoot!

Russians hacked our emails and stole the election for Donald Trump

Dan Rather

Brian Williams

Glenn Thrush, Andrea Mitchell, Martha Raddatz, George Stephanopoulos and everyone else on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc., etc.

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway offered the best rebuttal (please insert link #3) to this nonsense, telling Jake Tapper, “The only fake news I saw was the mainstream media saying Trump has no chance to win.”


All these excuses, just to cover up the real five reasons Hillary lost:

#5 – She’s an entitled panderer who had no real achievements and offered no policy initiatives

#4 – She an elitist who spent most of her campaign spewing personal attacks on Trump while pretending to stand on high moral ground (she went low, claimed to go high, then went even lower), and played the victim card when he fired back

#3 – She has the personality of a dead fish

#2 – She’s a corruptocrat who could not be trusted with national secrets or security

#1 – She’s a sociopathic and compulsive liar

That, plus Americans don’t trust someone with cloven hooves . . .

Link # 1 Election night

REPORT: Hillary Clinton Became PHYSICALLY VIOLENT on Election Night and Tore Into Robby Mook and John Podesta

Link #2

Link #3

Kellyanne To Media: BIGGEST ‘FAKE NEWS’ Was That Trump Couldn’t Win (VIDEO)



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