Top Clinton Foundation Exec Tried to Get Diplomatic Passport from Clinton State Dept.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton continue to proclaim that their family foundation did nothing wrong nor did they seek preferential favors or treatment from the State Department when Hillary was Secretary of State. If you believe them, then I have a bridge to sell you.

In May, 2015, I reported that Bill Clinton received hefty speaking fees from a for profit university when Hillary became Secretary of State. However, Bill’s large fees suddenly ended when Hillary attacked for profit colleges. The New York Post reported on the incident and referred to the book – Clinton’s Cash:

“As Bubba played pitchman for Baltimore-based Laureat University, the State Department steered a $1.9 million grant to the nonprofit, the book claims.”

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“‘Isn’t it troubling that while Bill Clinton was being paid by a private corporation, the corporation was also benefiting from State Department actions . . . Isn’t it troubling that this seeming conflict of interest was not disclosed?’ writes author Peter Schweizer.”

In May 2015, I also raised the question of ethics violation involving Hillary Clinton, Russia, Boeing and the Clinton Foundation. In that report, I shared a Fox report:

“Traveling abroad on official business as secretary of state, Clinton often visited Boeing facilities and made a pitch for the host country to buy Boeing jets. During one visit to Shanghai in May 2010, she boasted that ‘more than half the commercial jetliners operating in China are made by Boeing.’”

“A sales plug in Russia in 2009, though, may have proved especially fruitful. While touring a Boeing plant, Secretary of State Clinton said, ‘We’re delighted that a new Russian airline, Rossiya, is actively considering acquisition of Boeing aircraft, and this is a shameless pitch.’”

“In 2010, Boeing landed the Russian deal, worth $3.7 billion. And two months later, the company donated $900,000 to the Clinton Foundation.”

“This chain of events is raising new questions for Clinton, and Boeing, as the former secretary of state launches her 2016 presidential campaign. The Boeing deal only adds to a growing list of business deals involving Clinton Foundation donors now coming under scrutiny.”

In October, 2015, I questioned Hillary’s misuse of power as Secretary of State in diverting State Department money to fund a pet project of Bill Clinton and the Clinton Family Foundation:

“In 2007, Bill made an international plea to help improve the poor healthcare system in Rwanda, but received little response. In 2009, Hillary was sworn in as the new Secretary of State. Sometime afterward, the State Department diverted more than $27 million in grant money that was headed to non-profits fighting HIV in Rwanda to helping the Rwandan government to create the nationalized healthcare system, the very pet project that hubby Bill was pushing.”

“There is no evidence that Hillary was personally involved in the diversion of funds to Bill’s pet project, but the State Department official who did divert the funds had close ties to the Clintons. In 2012 Dr. Eric Goosby, former Ambassador at Large, was named Director of the State Department’s Office of Global Health Diplomacy, which oversaw the fight against HIV in countries like Rwanda. It was Goosby who diverted over $27 million in grant money earmarked for the HIV fighting non-profits to Bill Clinton’s pet project.”

“Is it coincidental that afterwards, Goosby ends up being appointed to the board of the Clinton Foundation?”

Now we are learning from a Judicial Watch Report that Doug Band, a former executive with the Clinton Family Foundation had sought a diplomatic passport from Hillary’s State Department. As Judicial Watch reported:

Judicial Watch today released 510 pages of new State Department documents, including a 2009 request by Clinton Foundation executive Doug Band for diplomatic passports for himself and an associate.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s aide Abedin responded to Band’s request positively, saying, ‘Ok will figure it out.’  The emails show Hillary Clinton forwarding classified information to Abedin’s unsecured, account. The emails also show Bill Clinton sought a meeting with Mrs. Clinton for a major Clinton donor with State Department officials and Hillary Clinton herself pushed for a joint event with the Clinton Global Initiative.  Band also pushed for and obtained special help from Abedin for seven-figure Clinton Foundation donor Chris Ruddy, of…”

“The Band request was for a special diplomatic passport for himself and his associates – an unidentified ‘JD’ and apparently Justin Cooper, formerly a key member of Bill Clinton’s personal office and the Clinton Foundation who has been linked to registration documents for and the shutting down of the email server at the center of Mrs. Clinton’s State Department emails controversy.”

I’ve also seen other reports where Hillary’s State Department granted Bill Clinton the right to publicly speak and receive hundreds of thousands in speaking fees in foreign countries that required State Department approval for him to speak there.

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton clearly abused her power as Secretary of State and that she, her husband and her family foundation also benefited from her position. Knowing this and how she has continually lied about her email scandal and Benghazi, the idea of her serving as President has to raise a ton of ethics questions and wondering how much more abuse of power she will use to pad the family bank accounts.


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