Minnesota Representative Taking Heat For Giving This Advice on Avoiding Police Brutality

Tony Cornish is a big thorn to the left and the Democrat party in Minnesota.

I lived in Southern Minnesota for a few years and Tony Cornish was my representative.  

Tony Cornish (born May 3, 1951) is a Minnesota politician and member of the Minnesota House of Representatives. A member of the Republican Party of Minnesota, he represents District 23B, which includes portions of Blue Earth, Le Sueur, Waseca, and Watonwan counties in the southern part of the state.[1] Cornish is considering a 2016 run against U.S. Rep. Tim Walz.

Tony Cornish has been re-elected to his liberal district many times in Southern Minnesota and he runs as an un-apologetic conservative. Nobody has been able to stop him. Tony Cornish listens to his people and is outspoken on political corruption in Minnesota. Tony Cornish hasn’t been stopped and now they are throwing the kitchen sink at him. 

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Representative Tony Cornish of Vernon Center is taking some heat for a letter to the editor published in Wednesday’s Star Tribune.

In it, Rep. Cornish lists “advice” on how not to provoke a physical confrontation with police. In the letter, he says he’s responding to advocacy groups asking what can be done to “reduce the use of force by police.”

Cornish is a Republican and former police chief who has become known as a tireless advocate of gun ownership rights. He also chairs the House Public Safety Committee, which makes him one of the key players at the State Capitol.

Among the advice offered: “Don’t be a thug and lead a life of crime so that you come into frequent contact with police.” He also wrote, “Don’t flap your jaws when the police arrive. Don’t disobey the requests of the police at the time,” and “Don’t use the excuse of a lack of a job or education for why you assault, rob or kill.”

He also advises that people shouldn’t be on the streets after 2:00 a.m. or make sudden movements, or keep their hands in their pockets after being ordered to remove them.

The Minneapolis officer who shot Jamar Clark last November told investigators that Clark refused orders to take his hand out of his pocket, which led to the scuffle that ended a minute later in Clark’s death.

Cornish wrapped up his letter by telling how he and his eight siblings overcame adversity growing up on farm, and that he “didn’t use that as an excuse to turn to crime.”
Anthony Newby, executive director of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change Minneapolis, found the letter to be “disturbing, if not outright dangerous.”

He said the word “thug” is coded, racially charged language.

“The word thug isn’t used to describe just anybody, and I think if we scratch the surface a little bit we know exactly who he’s talking about when he says thug,” Newby said.

“And this is a man has a lot of power and authority at the State Capitol.”

One of Newby’s employees, community organizer Chase Elliot, said a lot of people are out after 2:00 a.m. for legitimate reasons. And it’s natural for someone to ask questions during an encounter with an officer.

“His letter said don’t talk back. But then how would you respond to them if they ask you a question?” Elliot said.

In 2009 Elliot had a fateful encounter with a Minneapolis police officer while he was walking home from work. The officer pulled up quickly and said he needed to search Elliot and his bag.

“I asked him what was going on, and he said ‘I don’t have to tell you anything.’ So I said, ‘You’re one of them’ and he grabbed me and slammed me, and twisted my arm behind my back.”

He was released by the officer without being arrested. But in the process Elliot’s left thumb was broken in several places, and the left-hander still hasn’t recovered full use of that hand. He settled his police brutality case against the City of Minneapolis out of court in 2012.

“I had always thought if a police officer comes out of nowhere and stops you, he can’t search you or question you without probable cause.”

Sen. Bobby Joe Champion, who represents part of Minneapolis, said he found the letter both alarming and condescending to persons of color. He said it implied that black men are not allowed to question white officers about traffic stops and searches.

“It’s the kind of language we’ve come to expect from Donald Trump, but not from the man who controls the public safety committee in the Minnesota House.”

Tony Cornish is also my former Sheriff of Lake Crystal Minnesota where I lived several years ago. He never shrinks back from using his position to appeal to people’s common sense in Minnesota. The giant leap that the left has made by using the word “thug” as a racial slur has not gained traction and all these nutty left wing groups are continuing to sound shriller and shriller. All this does is help someone like Tony Cornish. Democrats and their constituency groups want to give the appearance of being mainstream. The kook fringe beliefs of the left must be protected and the crazies in the party must be appeased but they are not to be out in the public square where their crazy beliefs are challenged. Tony Cornish is not your typical Minnesota Republican who shrinks away and tries to be politically correct. Cornish will use this opportunity to expose how anti-law enforcement and pro anarchy the Marxist Minnesota Left really is with this episode.

You can count on it!

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