“Tolerant” Liberals Celebrate Death of GOP Rep. After Sex Scandal

The chasm of political dissonance in America is reaching inexcusable depths in 2017, thanks to the deviant democrats and their disregard for decorum.

President Donald Trump’s ascent to power sent the liberal left into a frenzy of hatred and segregation.  No longer did diehard democrats care at all for the illusion of tolerance when it came to their conservative peers.  Trump’s election meant all out war for the party of the Clinton Crime Family.  They would burn the nation to the ground rather than allow Donald Trump to command it.

And that is precisely what we are seeing today:  The left pushing the envelope to levels that would make even the most ardent millennial muckraker blush.  It would be embarrassing if it weren’t just so damned infuriating.  Americans want America to succeed, but no one is quite sure what the democrats actually yearn for.

Now, after one conservative Representative has ended his own life after accusations of sexual misconduct have been issued against him, the democrats are openly gloating and calling for other republicans to do the same.

“Contrary to their claims of tolerance and love for all of God’s creatures, there’s one thing hardcore liberals really hate: Republicans.

“So when Kentucky State Representative Dan Johnson, a Republican under investigation for allegedly sexually molesting a 17-year-old girl, committed suicide on Wednesday, they jumped on social media to celebrate.



How in the world does anyone, let alone an American, believe that this sort of classless drivel is acceptable?

This is not what we do as a nation.  Our political disagreements are simply that:  Disagreements.  By elevating their hatred to the level of hopeful violence, the left has established themselves once again as the aggressors on the path to a New Civil War.

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