Today Show Anchor Unwittingly Reveals Major Surgery

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As we all know, most celebrities try to keep their surgeries, especially the cosmetic or elective ones, a secret. However, before and after pictures usually reveal the truth.  Whether they admit to it or not it becomes quite obvious that they had “work done”.  Today show hostess Katie Couric is no exception.

Katie was obviously inspired by Al Roker to get rid of some excess weight that she had been carrying around. Katie must not have had a good surgeon, though, because they missed her stomach and hit her brain. It became quite obvious to those watching The Ellen Show that Ms. Couric had indeed had a lobotomy performed.

Please note: I did not watch the show (I never do), but the fine people at told me all about it.

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During the interview she revealed that female babies in the womb can “feel” if they’re male.

“Just because you operate on a child and tell that child you’re a certain gender, that doesn’t necessarily coincide with who that person feels he or she actually is.

In the later stages of development, it’s when your brain is wired, and sometimes a surge of testosterone can make […] a female fetus feel as if that baby is male or that person is male.

And the opposite, if there’s not enough testosterone.”

Now bear in mind this is the same Katie Couric who believes that abortion is completely fine and is a pro-choice advocate. Planned Parenthood has even given her an award. I’ve never seen the trophy that comes with it, but I’m assuming it’s not bronze dipped baby parts. But you never know.

So babies in the womb , previously called fetuses, of course can’t feel the pain of having their bodies ripped apart and being sucked out of their mother, but they can “feel” their gender identity.  Really, Katie!!! I think that surgeon may have taken off just a little bit too much.

So I’m going to give you some “scientific” facts that truly are undisputed. With the exception of the .1% of babies born with odd genitalia, it’s pretty easy to determine the sex of a child. Penis means boy. Vagina means girl. You could find that in any Biology book on the planet when I was in junior high. Keep in mind that was in the eighties, and even though Vince Neil wore mascara, he still knew penis means man-  just ask the groupies!

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