The Titan of Trash, John Waters, “Hates” Celebrities who Threaten to Leave the Country

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John Waters is no conservative. In fact, the man who made garbage filmmaking normal is anything but conservative. However, there is one thing that he completely agrees with conservatives about… he “hates” when celebrities get in a huff about politics and threaten to leave the country.

“I hate liberals who say: ‘I’m leaving the country.’ Oh, like it’s going to matter. You’re not that important, go ahead. But the only thing I can think that’s positive is that a new kind of anarchy is going to happen next.”

However, just because Waters thinks celebrities should stop pretending that anyone cares where they live, it doesn’t mean that he supports President Trump. Waters argues that we “need” political activists like the Weathermen who Waters said used humor as terrorism (no word if Waters was also on board with the violence and bombs that the Weathermen used). “These are political activists who use humor as terrorism to mortify your opponent. We need that again, and with Trump we’ll probably get it. He’d be an easy person to do it to because he has a short fuse.”

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Waters was speaking with the UK’s Guardian, which had reached out to him after the recent restoration and re-release of one of his earliest films, Multiple Maniacs. That movie was recently released in the midst of a spate of domestic terrorist attacks, student uprisings, and protests which is why he feels it can still connect with an audience, even if some aspects of the movie are dated.

“It was right before everything ended. Woodstock, Altamont, the Manson murders. It was a movie to comically go against the hippy values… I’m not saying it hasn’t dated; it’s dated in way that it might be more appalling today than it was then. It was a punk rock movie. I look back on it now and think: ‘Oh my God, all this stuff about killing cops – not even the most radical group would say anything like that today.’ And you forget, in the 60s, ‘Off The Pig’ was a common slogan on a march, which is shocking today to look back on.”

If you’re interested in reading more about the 70-year old filth-peddler, or seeing the trailer for his just re-released movie, you can go here.


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