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Tinseltown Twit Taking Timeout from Film to Focus on Flummoxing Trump

The willingness of Hollywood types to eschew their cushy living standards and their life of fame for a selfless role in political discourse may be one of the most ridiculous farces in popular culture.

Recently, television host-turned-Netflix personality Chelsea Handler decided to discontinue her career as a public figure in front of a camera to become a “political activist”.  For Handler, this meant that, instead of actually working, she could instead just troll the President and his followers on Twitter all day and hide behind those pedantic antics as some sort of “career”.

For what it’s worth, Handler has done exactly that, stirring up more nonsensical narratives than CNN in her short time as a politico.

Of course, one must realize the idea that these celebrities are compelled by some higher calling to enter the political fray is pure rubbish.  This is an out, plain and simple, and a publicity tactic in which their hiatus from acting doesn’t feel like such a separation from society.

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Now, another controversial leading lady is taking a similar route, announcing her plans to focus on “activism”.

“Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Lawrence says she’s taking a sabbatical from acting so she can help ‘fix our democracy.’

“’I’m going to take the next year off,’ Lawrence told Entertainment Tonight, explaining how she will work with a self-described anti-corruption nonprofit during her break from film. ‘I’m going to be working with this organization as a part of Represent.US… trying to get young people engaged politically on a local level.’

“’It doesn’t have anything to do with partisan [politics]. It’s just anti-corruption and stuff trying to pass state by state laws that can help prevent corruption, fix our democracy.'”

And, as if there was any doubt where Lawrence lies on the political spectrum, the actress has made it abundantly clear in the past.

“In 2015, Lawrence said it would be the ‘end of the world’ if Trump were elected. Last August she began to soften her tone and insisted that Americans with differing political views find a ‘bridge’ between each other.

“’We can’t continue this divide and anger. There are issues affecting us as human beings, not as liberals and not as Republicans. We have to protect the foundation of this country, and acceptance,’ Lawrence said in an interview with Vogue. ‘If you’re preaching acceptance, accept immigrants, accept Muslims, accept everybody.’”

Well, seeing as Lawrence’s predictions for the coming apocalypse are well over a year late at this point, there is no telling just how accurate or realistic her activism will truly be.

In all honesty, we’re likely in for a whole lot of tweeting, and not a whole lot of working from the young starlet, whose career has been riddled with salacious scandals in recent years, including the leak of several explicit her abuse of alcoholsexual images of Lawrence, as well as rampant rumors of on set.

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