Time for a New Political Party in U.S. – not a 3rd Party, a 2nd One

It’s increasingly obvious to the American people that Democrats and Republicans no longer represent two different world views, but one that is simply two sides of the same coin.

This is why the Republican Party, which has been winning important elections in recent years, continues to vote in line with what Democrats want them to.

There are, of course, a number of principled Republican Party members that vote in line with their constituents wishes; but many don’t, which is why what the American people have voted them into office for – in order the roll back the attempt by elite globalists to “guide” national policy – they find themselves facing once again the march toward totalitarianism and loss of freedom, including freedom of speech, which is eroding in front of our eyes.

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This one-party ruling system goes back a long ways, but in recent years it accelerated when war hawks in the Democratic Party migrated to the Republican Party. They are rightfully and justifiably identified in derision, as neocons.

They in fact are closet Democrats with an “R” included in their Party designation. It’s hard for regular people to sort all of this out because they hide behind the American flag and patriotism, when in reality they are proponents of endless American intervention into sovereign countries.

As Angelo M. Codevilla has rightly identified and stated that America, for all practical purposes, is now being ruled by one party with different names. There is very little differentiation as far as voting and party platforms.

Again, there are individual exceptions, but there aren’t enough to overcome Republicans that vote with their Democrat counterparts.

Codevilla cites the refusal of Republicans to overthrow Obamacare as a defining moment for the Party, which he sees as now being dead. I would go a lot further back than that. For example, Ronald Reagan had a chance to roll back the size of government with his popularity and political allies, but he ramped up spending, rather than cutting it.

Other Republican administration, with strong enough support from Congress, could have taken abortion off the books, and most recently, with control of Congress and the presidency, could have removed financial support from Planned Parenthood. No. They just vote in the budget and kept funding the baby killers.

Not only is this not opposition, it is direct collusion with Democrats to control their agenda. This tells me the Republican Party has been infiltrated by liberals, and even though the rhetoric of “draining the swamp” is solid, it can no longer be done because of the mixture inherent in the Republican Party, where the draining needs to start.

This is why a real alternative party of resistance and legitimate opposition needs to be created. As the Republican Party has shown in the months since President Trump took office, they’ll join hands with the Democrats in an attempt to destroy him, not seeming to understand the reason he became President was because the American people support what he said he stood for.

To attack Trump’s policies is a direct attack on those that voted him into office. I’m not talking about differences in ideas here, I’m talking about the things that Americans are being called racist over, and the fact they resist the Marxism that is attempting to rear its ugly head again in America in order to crush all opposition to their hatred and goals.

Only a true opposition party can resist this, and the Republican Party has surrendered, even after gaining major victories less than a year ago. That in itself confirms the depth of the betrayal of those voted into office by those thinking they would pursue real change.

The bottom line is we only really have one party now in America. And this isn’t a call for a third party, but a call for a real and effective second party that could return the nation to those things that made it great in the past.

This isn’t a call for political suicide for the Republican Party, as calls for the rise of another party in the past would have produced. This time the sentiment has changed so quickly and deeply that a third party that represents those that voted Donald Trump into office, would immediately have a giant base that would make them much larger than the tiny numbers associated with past attempts to build an alternative political party. Their power and impact would be immediate.

I think it could even rise so quickly it would win a lot of elections in the near term, and could solidify its base for long-term victory.

This time around it would need experienced people to help guide the new party, as the Tea Party was a disaster because of the lack of experience and unwillingness of some running for office to bring on those that knew how to navigate the shark-invested waters.

By experienced people, I mean those that really want change and a true alternative to the bifurcated party we have now, that presents themselves as alternatives, but are in truth two streams coming from the same river.

Gary Bourgeault

Gary has launched, acquired or managed a number of businesses over the years, as well as, for a period of time, being a financial advisor. Since 2005 he's been writing for a living, focusing on investing, economics, business, and writing books in his spare time. Most important, he's looking at ways to provide alternatives for Christians, conservatives, and others on the right to have platforms that can give a voice to those that are being censored. His latest effort is to provide a vision and practical steps to spread Christian civilization around the world. One part of that is a new website called newcreationcivilization.com.

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