TIME Magazine Propaganda Hits Ridiculous New Low

In the age of President Trump, it seems that journalistic integrity has been thrown out of the proverbial window.

At the very least, the decorum of the world’s media outlets should remain intact.  Alas, that is no longer the case, as the witch hunt against the President has reached absurd new heights early this week.

A multitude of tall tales, pseudo-fictional stories, and outright lies have been spewed forth from the frothing mouths of the so-called journalists in the days since Donald Trump commandeered the Oval Office.  Familiar old boogeymen from the Cold War have been propped up on stakes like the scarecrows of Halloween artwork, attempting to raise the specter that our nation is no longer sovereign.  Instead, there is the incredulous floating theory, being lofted into the wind on the breath of the democrats, that the Russians, the Kremlin, are somehow truly running our show.

It all began with democratic flop and career criminal Hillary Clinton lambasting then-candidate Trump during the 2016 presidential debates.  Her assertion was that Donald Trump had intimate ties to the Russian government.  The accusation had no legs, but that didn’t matter.  Clinton’s job was to merely plant the seed of conspiracy into the media soil.  Then, should she somehow lose the election, her brethren in the liberal mainstream media could reach for the Russian baton with outstretched arms, continuing their campaign against the real estate mogul long after every ballot had been cast.

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And that is precisely where we find ourselves today:  In the midst of a calculated, and long-planned assault on a fairly elected President of the United States, none of which would have been possible were it not for the extreme bias of the mainstream media.

Now, with the Russian interference conspiracy theory permeating all classes of American sensory stimuli, it should come as no surprise that even TIME Magazine cannot keep their storied legacy above the fray.



Whispered allegations and liberal lunacy can be swept away under the auspices of a lack of journalistic integrity, certainly.  The steady decline in viewership seen by CNN, MSNBC, and the like proves that.  What TIME has done, however, amounts to war against the President.

The left is waging a war of perception on the American people.  Surely, their narrative is flimsy, and their talking heads are abhorrent to endure.  Their only hope for making waves in the current media climate is to go over the top, and to do it often.  It’s the spray and pray method of information warfare:  Say it all.  Say it often.  See what sticks.

By literally halving the White House with the Kremlin on their cover, TIME magazine’s enormous distribution means that a great many Americans will be forced to look upon the offensive image.  In line at the grocery store.  At the dentist’s office.  Sitting on the shelf at a neighbor’s house.  The White House/Kremlin hybrid will become ubiquitous, and we will become desensitized to it.  Then, it will subconsciously root itself within our American psyche, slowly becoming part of the culture; part of the discussion.  Once we’ve accepted that this is where our national dialogue has gone, many Americans will unknowingly accept the image as metaphorical truth.

And then, the liberals win.

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