Time Magazine Outs Themselves As Liberal Think-Piece After Kaepernick Praised

The liberally-controlled mainstream media has been at work for decades, subverting the more impressionable minds of America into capitulation with leftist ideology.

One of the more potent ideals of the loony left in recent years has been their utter contempt for the men and women of America’s police force.  Spurred on by the hateful and radical Black Lives Matter movement, many of the nation’s throngs of liberal agitators have taken to their soapboxes to protest the way in which, they believe, America’s law enforcement is unfairly targeting and killing African Americans as part of their daily routine.

Of course, statistics and data don’t seem to match up with their cockamamy theories, but that has never stopped the left before.  Pesky facts are merely another opportunity for this over-served and under-organized masse of humanity to spin reality their way.

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Take Colin Kaepernick, for example.  The backup quarterback for the San Francisco 49er’s apparently fell victim to the left this year, protesting America’s police in the only ways he saw fit; disrespecting the National Anthem and wearing clothing that depicted cops as pigs.  Now, the unwanted free agent has been immortalized for his petty actions in Time Magazine.

“Liberal propaganda Time Magazine, who consistently enjoys hit pieces against President Trump and enjoys implying Trump is some sort of antichrist figure, is honoring Colin Kaepernick in their ‘100 Most Influential People’ issue.

“This story is a bit like an amplified version of the muslim teen high school student whogot admitted into Stanford for simply writing #BlackLivesMatter 100 times for his admission essay.

 “It seems all you have to do is rage against America and the radical leftist liberal establishment will shower you with ‘honors.’”

Kaepernick has been on the receiving end of a great deal of praise in the months following his childish decision to kneel during the Star Spangled Banner, something that has only fueled likeminded sentiments throughout the National Football League.  Now that he’s a free agent, however, the underwhelming 2016 season that Kaepernick had is catching up to him as he awaits a permanent home in the NFL.  Unfortunately, many coaches rightfully believe that Kaepernick’s ability to rile up the peanut gallery are far superior to his abilities with the pigskin.


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