Time for Islam and Its Apologists to Repent

Tuesday morning in Normandy. A group of Catholic parishioners is celebrating Mass conducted by the elderly parish priest. Their thoughts are on the day’s Bible readings as the priest leads them in prayers.

All of a sudden, the back door of the church is kicked open and a couple of young thugs brandishing knives and what appear to be guns rush in, chanting “Allahu Akbar!”

They take about a half-dozen people hostage, including the priest and several nuns, while church ushers make sure other parishioners escape. One of the nuns is injured but manages to flee and sounds the alarm outside.

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As police surround the church, the Muslim thugs, teens who have pledged their lives to ISIS and who are on a terror watch list, force the priest to kneel at the altar and casually slit his throat, like butchering a farm animal. They beat and critically injure a nun. They then conduct a ritual as old as Islam, saying prayers in Arabic from the conquered church’s pulpit.

Soon after, the knifemen die in a hail of police bullets.

They have won.

In their minds, they are headed to a paradise where they will have women, wine and all the things they couldn’t have on Earth.

May they burn in Hell.

I’m sick of being nice.

I’m sick of tiptoeing around the truth because Muslims might be “offended.”

I’m sick of apologists for mythical “moderate” Muslims.

I’m sick of suicidal, delusional “leaders” pretending that there is no Islamic problem.

I’m sick of politicians who try to score points with their moronic, leftist base by promising to bring in more young males and their families from terrorist-run countries, as if they were just importing boatloads of Polish grandmothers.

I’m sick of fools who refuse to see that we are in a war for the survival of, not just one culture or another, but civilization itself.

Murders of innocent Christians, Jews and other people across the globe have been going on since the accursed “prophet” Mohammed first hefted a sword in Allah’s name. They have been going on at an accelerated pace since the Muslim-sympathizer-in-chief invaded the Oval Office nearly eight years ago and abandoned Iraq, giving ISIS fertile ground to take root in.

But Normandy hit me like no other terrorist attack has. There are numerous reasons for that, ranging from the fact that so many Americans died in WWII to take Normandy back from fascist scumbags just like these ISIS “soldiers,” to the simple fact of religious and family ties. With its gentle people, its beautiful countryside and its long history as the bridge between England and France, Normandy is at the heart of Western civilization. Without getting into details, this one feels personal.

It’s time to repent, O Islam. Long past time.

Your blood-soaked paths across the world are a sin, and your god that urges you to murder, rape and pillage is nothing more than a desert demon who has been sucking your souls into Hell.

In your hearts, some of you know I’m right. To those Muslims who know what truth and goodness really are, I say it’s time for you to rise up and throw off the blood-drinking tyrants who dominate your communities and lives. Trust that other good people will support you.

Repent and rejoin the human race.

French President Francois Hollande, at the scene of Tuesday’s terrorist attack, said:

“I owe you the truth — this war will be long. What it’s aimed at is our democracy. Our democracy is the target and it will be our strength, because our unity is our strength.

“It’s with perseverance that we will succeed. In that way we will be able to win the war against fanaticism and pain, and we will win this war.”

Forsake your bloodthirsty god.

If you don’t, someday soon there will be hell to pay, one way or another.

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