Is it Time to Boycott the NFL? More Players Take Stand Against America

As the protests against the United States of America grows among the privileged, super rich professional football players of the National Football League, what was once America’s game is fast become anti-America’s game and millions of fans are getting upset enough to boycott the NFL.

The anti-American trend began when a player hoping to bolster his rapidly failing NFL career lighted upon an ideal way to get his name in the news and serve to give himself an excuse if he were to be cut from his team.

At the end of August, San Francisco (where else) 49ers second string quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided that after standing for the national anthem for five years as an NFL player, now he suddenly hates the U.S. so much he can no longer stand when “The Star Spangled Banner” is played.

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The player’s hateful action was at first ignored by both the national media as well as the national sports media. As Breitbart News reported, immediately after the game no one in the sports media asked Kaepernick nor coach Chip Kelly why the player was not standing during the playing of the anthem.

Colin KaepernickBut as we reported here at, not long after the post game reportage was over and fans noticed what Kaepernick did, social media began to fill with attacks on the player’s unmitigated hatred for the country. The pressure mounted quickly and likely expecting to be congratulated for his “bravery,” Kaepernick soon was forced to explain why he did what he did.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color,” Kaepernick said. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Naturally the claims that police are perpetrating an inordinate number of “murders” of black youth is little else but a claim predicated on a lie.

Let’s take Chicago as a glaring example. In the Windy City there have been well over 500 murders this year–most of them of African Americans. Now, if we are to believe the lies from hotheads like Colin Kaepernick we’d expect that at least half that number was killed by Chicago cops, right? So, what is the real number? Its six. That’s right. Out of over 500 shooting deaths in Chicago for 2016, only six were police-involved shootings. Six. That is hardly the avalanche of cases of police murdering blacks that the Colin Kaepernicks of the world are whining about, is it?

Further more, statistics show that black males in America’s big cities are more likely to kill a police officer than a police officer is to kill a black male.

In her new book, “The War On Cops,” author Heather MacDonald reveals FBI data showing that police officers are 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black man than black men are of being killed by a cop. MacDonald also reports that 40 percent of all cop killers are black men. These statistics seem to prove that police have far more to fear from black males than black males have to fear at the hands of police.

Kaepernick has a long history of using his Twitter feed for this sort of overt rabble rousing, of course. But still, it seems likely that instead of trying to make some profound statement, he was more interested in trying to create a situation where he could call the NFL “racist” if he were to be cut from the 49ers as everyone had been expecting prior to his desperate bid for attention.

It is especially hard to believe he truly hates whites and the U.S. since his all-whites-are-racist-styled antics are made the lie from his own upbringing. After all, he is not only half white himself but was adopted by a kindly white family when he was but an infant, to boot.

In any case, the player’s stunts have brought out a legion of anti-Kaepernick fans whose initial response was to post Facebook videos showing them burning Kaepernick’s jersey.

And those displays against Kaepernick have continued as the player ups the ante with his refusal to back down on his hate for the country not to mention his hate for police. He even wore socks to a recent practice that depicted police as “pigs.”

A growing list of people came out to slam Kaepernick for his anti-Americanism. 49ers great Jerry Rice, for instance, warned Kaepernick not to “disrespect the flag.”

A report written about executives inside a multitude of NFL front offices also found that team execs hate what Kaepernick is doing. “He has no respect for our country. F–k that guy,’ one executive was quoted as saying.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz jumped into the fray with a tweet urging fans never to buy another product Kaepernick touts.

Even supermodel Kate Upton slammed those refusing to stand for the national anthem.

In my opinion, the national anthem is a symbolic song about our country. It represents honoring the many brave men and women who sacrifice and have sacrificed their lives each and every single day to protect our freedom. Sitting or kneeling down during the national anthem is a disgrace to those people who have served and currently serve our country. Sitting down during the national anthem on September 11th is even more horrific. Protest all you want and use social media all you want. However, during the nearly two minutes when that song is playing, I believe everyone should put their hands on their heart and be proud of our country for we are all truly blessed. Recent history has shown that it is a place where anyone no matter what race or gender has the potential to become President of the United States. We live in the most special place in the world and should be thankful. After the song is over, I would encourage everyone to please use the podium they have, stand up for their beliefs, and make America a better place. The rebuilding of battery park and the freedom tower demonstrates that amazing things can be done in this country when we work together towards a common goal. It is a shame how quickly we have forgotten this as a society. Today we are more divided then ever before. I could never imagine multiple people sitting down during the national anthem on the September 11th anniversary. The lessons of 911 should teach us that if we come together, the world can be a better and more peaceful place #neverforget.

A photo posted by Kate Upton (@kateupton) on

Another amusing reaction is from a store that duct-taped Kaepernick’s jersey to the ground outside the front door to their shop so that customers would have to walk all over the jersey to get inside.

But as the weeks between the end of August and now have ground onward, Kaepernick has been joined in his anti-American protest by a lengthening list of NFL players.

On the other hand, some fans are also coming to the side of players disgorging their hate for the country. In the week after he first unleashed his protest, for instance, Kaepernick’s jersey sales soared as social justice warriors and Black Lives Matter fans raced to stores to buy the jersey to show their support.

Further, as Reuters notes this week, the list of anti-American players now includes Miami Dolphins players Arian Foster, Jelani Jenkins, Michael Thomas, and Kenny Stills, Tennessee Titans players Jurrell Casey, Wesley Woodyard and Jason McCourty, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters, and the whole of the Seattle Seahawks. More will likely join them as the weeks roll on.

Many fans aren’t sitting still for this, though, as a growing movement to boycott the NFL takes root even as more players decided to display their hate for the very country that has made them millionaires before they are even 30 years old.

A plethora of fans have taken to Twitter to urge their boycott:

Meanwhile, the NFL has at least found some actions it doesn’t like on the gridiron. Even as the league has no problem at all with player after player expressing their hatred for the U.S.A., the NFL is cracking down on those players and teams that want to show support for the country or for police.

In one example, the NFL officially banned Tennessee Titans linebacker Avery Williamson from wearing custom cleats featuring a memorial to the victims who died during the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.

And only a few weeks before that the NFL denied the request of the Dallas Cowboys to wear helmet stickers to show support for the Dallas police department after the boys in blue suffered the loss of five officers in one mass shooting in July.

Finally, it appears the anti-Americanism is spreading even to local high schools. Thus far one high school in Philadelphia and another in Texas have seen bouts of players refusing to stand as the national anthem is played. One would hope that locals have the backbone to remove the tax dollars being wasted on these sports teams.

But perhaps its all just one more brick in the road to our national suicide?

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