Is it time to Betray the Establishment?


I think Donald Trump supporters and [score]Ted Cruz[/score] supporters can agree on one thing – we are tired of being betrayed by Republicans promising one thing and doing another.  We want someone to stand on principles and values, stop things like amnesty, Obamacare and a broken government.  We want someone who does what he promises and doesn’t bend and waver.  There is one big difference, though.  Cruz supporters believe in the Constitution.  Trump supporters believe in Trump.

Republican voters are angry.  I am too.  They’re frustrated.  I am too.  They feel betrayed and rightfully so.  I do too.  We were told, “Give us the House and we’ll stop Obama.”  We did, and they didn’t.  We were told, “Give us the Senate too and we’ll stop Obama.”  We did, and they didn’t.  It’s not like they even tried and failed.  They actually fought harder to stop any efforts to fulfill their promises than they did to do their duty.  Remember when Ted Cruz and [score]Rand Paul[/score] both filibustered Constitutional issues only to be called “Wacko Birds” by establishment Republican [score]John McCain[/score]?

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So where did this lead?  We now have a large group of people, I refrain from saying majority at this point, who have decided Washington needs to be taught a lesson.  People are tired of being betrayed and they should be.  They are tired of establishment Republicans who have proven to only be in it for themselves.  Marco Rubio, a Tea Party darling, sealed his fate the moment he shook hands with [score]Charles Schumer[/score] and John McCain agreeing to lead the Gang of 8 bill.  Establishment is now telling [score]Marco Rubio[/score], “You are our guy.  You can win.”  Really? He’s polling 3rd in his own state of Florida.  People are done with establishment.

Trump supporters have valid, legitimate complaints.  They want an “outsider” yet Trump has been financially supporting and socially hobnobbing with Washington elite for 30 years.  Trump supporters are tired of politicians who are beholden to donors, yet Trump has given thousands, mostly to the Democrat Party, as well as Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner, [score]Harry Reid[/score] (hum, huge Nevada win for Trump), and others for personal gain.  They don’t like the politicians being controlled by donors but they’re ok with the one pulling the strings?  They are done with politicians promising them one thing only to change, like Rubio, as soon as they get to Washington yet Trump declares, “I will change very quickly.  I’m very capable of changing to anything I want to change to.”

Most Trump supporters say they want to have hope again.  So did Obama supporters.  Trump supporters say they want change.  So did Obama supporters.  Trump supporters want an outsider.  So did Obama supporters.  Trump supporters want someone who makes them feel great.  So did Obama supporters.  Many Trump supporters mocked Obama supporters for shouting, “O-ba-ma” at rallies to now chant, “Trump, Trump, Trump” when he enters the room.  Many Trump supporters warned of the dangers of worshiping a politician, ignoring his record and blindly following Obama.  Yet here they are, after 8 years of this insanity, doing the exact same thing on our side.

Non-establishment Republicans rallied around Kentuckian Matt Bevin who ran against [score]Mitch McConnell[/score] in 2014.  McConnell had all the big money behind him, including Donald Trump’s, and won the election.  Trump helped McConnell fight against an outsider to retain his seat.  Is he really going to stop the establishment leadership he put into office?  Trump helped Hillary get into office.  Is he really going to go against her and prosecute her as he claims?

Trump supporters have said, “We know he’s not conservative, we know he’s not Christian, we know he won’t get Mexico to pay for the wall, we know he won’t deport illegal aliens, we know he won’t stop Muslims from coming here, we know he’s not pro-life, we are just sick and tired of politicians lying to us.”  On the flip side, many have also said, “He’s the most honest guy running.”

Donald Trump

In August of 2015, Trump told reporters, “I was part of the establishment…I was the establishment two months ago,”  which was conveniently right before entering the race.  He understood Republicans’ disdain for the establishment and used it for his benefit, even though it’s a facade.  Just last month Trump said, “there’s a point at which, let’s get to be a little bit establishment, because we gotta get things done, folks, okay?” So, let me get this straight, the establishment betrayed us by making deals with Democrats but Trump is our guy because he’ll be establishment and make deals with Democrats?

Tuesday night Trump trumpeted that his supporters are so loyal “68% would not leave under any circumstance. I think that means murder, I think it means anything, OK?”  The people cheered.  This is the second time Trump has touted he could “shoot someone on 5th Avenue” and not lose voters.

So why are Trump supporters ignoring all this evidence about him proving he’s against EVERYTHING his supporters claim they want?  Anger.  Justified anger, but anger none the less.  But is that a good basis in making decisions?  Last night there were reports of Trump supporters intimidating voters, shouting down caucus speakers, and acting rude and nasty to others just because they chose another candidate.  We saw this in 2008 with Obama supporters, but that wasn’t the first time.

In 1934, Germany was also experiencing a split in their country.  People were frustrated, angry, desperate.  They wanted somebody, anybody, to fix it.  Hitler gathered a following by promising to make Germany great again.  He was going to take care of everything.  He even told the people he would eliminate the Jews and rid Germany of their filth.  He pitted the other parties against each other and won a victory with less than 44% of the vote.  After the election, he passed legislation giving him dictatorial powers.  He also outlawed all other parties, disbanded Reichstag (Germany’s Congress), and filled the legislature full of NAZI and pro-NAZI members.

Supporting Hitler was a radical fraction of the NAZI party that earned the name “Brown Shirts” due to their uniform.  They intimidated, threatened and violated citizens during the election and after Hitler’s win, they were given open reign to intensify their activities.  That is, until the people said, “Enough”.  Hitler, taking advantage of the citizens’ cry for action, in a night referred to as “The Night of Long Knives”, slaughtered the Brown Shirts army and collected key leaders for execution.  The next morning he confessed his violation of German law to the German people, but claimed it was done to protect them.  The people cheered.

“I think that means murder.”  The people cheered.

If we refuse to study history, we are doomed to repeat it.  Trump supporters, in their efforts to avoid being betrayed again, are blindly following a man who outright tells them he will betray them.  I refuse to be responsible for this future.  I will stand with Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego.  I will not bow.  I will not worship.  I will not be blindly betrayed again.

But that’s just my 2 cents.

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