Tim Tebow Wows Reporters when Asked How He Juggles His Career and Charity Work

Tim Tebow is among the most respected names in the world of sports. He has always been considered one of the most diligent employees, respectful men, and charitable sports stars in the nation. Every where he has gone he has been met with doubt, but he’s never let it affect his rapport with his teammates or his efforts on the field.

There is a reason that Tim Tebow remains one of the most popular figures in sports today, even though he hasn’t been a starting player on any roster in years. It has nothing to do with his prowess on the field and everything to do with the size of his heart.

This simple truth about Tim Tebow was on display again this week when he arrived at Spring Training with the New York Mets and was asked how he juggles his responsibilities between his career and his charity work. His response stunned the gathered media, and it will shock you too.

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While Tebow is passionate about sports, it’s clear to see that he is far more passionate about helping those around him and bringing faith, hope, and love to our world.

If you can’t access the Facebook video above, you can see the full news conference below, and the pertinent section on balancing his career and his charity beginning at 8:40:

You can see some of Tebow’s charity work here.


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