Tim Cook, Apple CEO, Gives Globalization The Green Light in Recent Speech


While many leading tech companies have been dipping their toes in the water of American leftism, Apple Computers has taken a full step beyond.

The world’s leading cellular telephone producer has a relatively new CEO in Tim Cook, (who has already had to take a decrease in pay tim cook pay cut due to poor sales), and Cook has some very strange ideas about the world at large.

Apple has long held an esteemed place in the world market, for better or for worse, and Tim Cook is placing his soapbox on that stage to argue for a very particular, and very peculiar, societal change:  The advent of rampant globalism among the nations of this planet.

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“The Wall Street Journal reported that Tim Cook spoke for an hour at the Beijing’s prestigious Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, which features 18 opulent villas that are offered at up to $50,000 per night. He told attendees that globalization in general is ‘great for the world.’

“Cook did acknowledge that the benefits of globalization are not evenly distributed within countries. But he emphasized that it would be bad for workers of the world if there was less globalization: “I think the reality is you can see that countries in the world…that isolate themselves, it’s not good for their people.”

“Cook joined Yousef Al-Benyan, the Chief Executive Officer for Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, and Zhang Tao, Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, in seconding OECD Chief of Staff Gabriela Ramos Patino’s warning that anti-globalism wouldn’t just close markets, it would “shut out partners and opportunities.”

“The state run China Global Television Network described CDF 2017 opening day speakers as less concerned with the backlash against globalism due to the refugee crisis in the Middle East, slow economic growth, and political elections in Europe, and more concerned about how ‘those in power’ will choose the right tasks to start the journey to ‘fix’ the world.”

Of course, globalism itself is merely liberal code for the relinquishing of national sovereignty the planet over.  The true nature of the globalist agenda is for elected world leaders to be stripped of their ultimate power in favor of a supreme leadership entity that will rule the world, either covertly or outright.  With billionaires such as George Soros and the Koch brothers pushing hard for the advent of rampant globalism, it is not difficult to deduce who would truly be in charge should their plans come to fruition.


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