Three Progressive Mayors Preach Ideology Despite Recent Attacks

You can tell when you hear an ideologue. They will continue with their spill even as events prove them wrong. They will keep to their talking points regardless of what you ask them. They cannot deviate because this will show the fatal flaw in their worldview.

This is clearly the case in the recent attempt by three mayors to promote their globalist inclusion doctrine. They want Americans to get on board with their thinking so that they can speed up the refugee relocation. Even after the events of Saturday, they still claim that they are right, and there is no danger.

Breitbart reports

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Despite the fact that terrorism has torn New York City, London and especially Paris apart, all three cities’ mayors argued for bringing in more unscreened “refugees” in a joint oped in the New York Times as the United Nations General Assembly meets here this week.

“World leaders are gathering in New York this week for the United Nations General Assembly, and at the top of their agenda sits a refugee crisis that has reached a level of urgency not seen since World War II,” De Blasio, Khan and Hidalgo wrote. “The United Nations Summit for Refugees and Migrants and President Obama’s Leaders’ Summit on Refugees represent a watershed moment that is putting a global spotlight on the need for an effective response to a growing humanitarian crisis.”

In the face of the violence of two separate terror attacks, by two refugees, these progressive mayors would have us to believe that we should ramp up immigration. They want us to be less safe and faster with our immigrating of Muslims. Now, this is not a pragmatic view; it is one that is based on an ideal; a worldview.

They believe that all people are good and that given the right opportunity and enough things that they will be happy. They believe that the Muslim hates us because he is jealous of what we have. They want you to believe that these immigrants will be thankful and will not commit acts of terror.

This is a dream based on a fantasy that humanism has created. It is a lie, and God will not be mocked. Their sin will find them out.

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