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Thought Police Arrive in South Carolina to Police Potty Mouths

Well shut the front door.  Would you look at this gosh darn development down in South Carolina.

At what point do we say that enough is enough, when it comes to political correctness and the PC police?  We are already beholden to whatever rules they wish to impose on us in the political sector, and now in the gender realm.  Is there really any more language that they can lay claim to without a revolt?

Maybe not, at least according to new rules in South Carolina that would put potty mouths behind bars.

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According to Myrtle Beach Online, those caught using profanity in the city limits could be issued a citation and required to pay a fine. More serious vulgarities could even land such a hardened criminal behind bars.

Using “lewd, obscene, profane, boisterous, riotous, tumultuous” language violates the city’s disorderly conduct ordinance; essentially, it’s a breach of peace.

However, there are some stipulations.

The ordinance says a person violates the law if they use profanity to provoke violence in others. Swearing while “grossly intoxicated” also constitutes a violation of the law.

The city issued 289 citations for swearing last year, records show, yielding $22,161 in additional city revenue. That means the average ticket cost each offender nearly $77. The money goes to the city’s general fund.

The maximum penalty for the misdemeanor violation is a $500 fine or 30 days in jail — or both.

Myrtle Beach made $22k on swearing fines last year?  It really makes you wonder how up close and personal the police get in South Carolina.

As for me, I’ll be taking my dadgum arse to Florida from here on out, dangit.

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