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VOCAL POINT: Revisionists, Stormy Daniels, Condos, and Social Media

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❖ WorldNetDaily (WND) describes itself as “the original pioneer in independent news 21 years ago.” When the internet was relatively new, wnd.com was providing an alternative to the mainstream media. Joseph Farah is the founder and director of WND. But lately, because of the systematic censorship of conservative and Christian content practiced by the leading social media giants—namely, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Apple—wnd and other conservative news and information sources are being hurt. Farah gives one example: “Americans are just beginning to wake up to Google’s unlawful practice of applying its own political and religious biases to the most powerful search engine in the world.” Farah maintains that this social media censorship is hurting America, as well as the Christian cause. He calls the big tech  conglomerates the “Speech Code Cartel.” Joe Farah joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss social media censorship and why it matters. www.wnd.com

❖ A nation that does not remember its past does not know its future. James S. Robbins, Ph.D., a writer for USA TODAY, has written a new book, Erasing America: Losing Our Future by Destroying Our Past. The reason he wrote the book is described this way: “In towns and cities across America, a tidal wave of social activism is systematically erasing pieces of American history. Driven by the relentless Left, activists destroy monuments, burn flags, ban American literature, and disregard the national anthem. Before long, there will no longer be monuments dedicated to American heroes, no stories that praise them. The United States will have become a dark chapter in human history, best forgotten.” David Horowitz endorses the tome, calling it “a richly informed book about the campaign to demonize America by erasing and then rewriting its history.” Dr. James S. Robbins joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss why the struggle to understand America’s true past is important to the present and the future.

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❖ How are we to understand President Trump’s legal problems—such as the on-going investigations of alleged collusion with Russia in the 2016 election or the alleged payoffs via former Trump attorney Michael Cohen to silence Stormy Daniels and others? Best-selling author and speaker William J. Federer has written about some legal problems he experienced when he was running for Congress many years ago against Dick Gephardt. Drawing from his own experiences, Bill describes the phenomenon this way: “It is a tactic, where if your opponent attacks you, he will be sullied as a bad sport or vindictive. So he manipulates the system to get the government to attack you.” Bill Federer joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss Trump’s legal woes. www.americanminute.com

❖ Rita Mayell is an author, speaker, and “leadership coach.” Her overall message: “God loves you and doesn’t want you to settle for mediocre.” She just wrote her first book. It’s about her father, Lionel, and it’s called, 5’2” Giant, Builder of Dreams: The true story of one ordinary man who changed the world. He’s regarded as the father of the modern-day condominium. Lionel Mayell was described by Larry Poland as: “an incredible person and a powerful, world-changing dynamo…He made up for his small stature by having an oversized heart for God and others.” Billy Graham said, “My dear friend, my brother, Lionel Mayell, whose hospitality and generous spirit has meant many happy and precious hours of sweet fellowship. How God has used you in our lives.” Author Rita Mayell joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss lessons from her dad on striving to achieve our God-given destiny. www.ritamayell.com

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