This State Figured Out How to Stop School Shootings

The debate rages about whether to train and arm teachers and school administrators or keep all guns off of school campuses. Whenever I’ve been in a discussion on this subject, I always ask the anti-gun person two questions:

1- What percentage of school shootings take place on gun-free campuses?

2- Would you want your child’s teacher to be able to protect your child from a would-be shooter or have your child become a defenseless victim?

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The answer to the first question is easy – to the best of my knowledge, all of the school shootings have taken place on gun-free campuses. Why do you think Obama and other anti-gun politicians send their kids to a school with at least 11 armed guards? Think about it. These politicians speak out against arming and allowing school faculty to undergo proper training to allow them to be armed to protect YOUR kids while they send THEIR kids to schools with armed guards.

The answer to the second question should be a no-brainer, but you would be surprised to see how many parents still say no to teachers being armed. They expect teachers to protect their kids but refuse to give them the means to do so.

After the shooting that took place at a Madison, Ohio school this past week, the local news aired a report about training and arming teachers and faculty members in Ohio schools. Fortunately, I recorded the news and the following is taken from that recording, since I have not yet been able to locate the report on the news station’s site:

“Would you want teachers in your schools carrying guns?


It’s a controversial issue. In Ohio, more than 400 teachers and administrators in 63 counties with conceal carry licenses have had training to carry their weapons in class.”

Then they aired a longer version of this clip from a news report from last fall that showed some of the training teachers and administrators are going through.

The longer video aired on March 1, described the FASTER training consisting of three parts with the third part taking place inside the schools of the teachers and administrators. The teacher-faculty member is tasked with locating and neutralizing an armed intruder in the midst of fleeing and panicking students. At this final stage of the training all teachers and faculty members have already passed the previous two training levels and have obtained their conceal carry permits.

The school district where this particular training was taking, was going through the FASTER training at the request of parents. Upon the request of the parents, the school board okayed the training and carrying of weapons on campus.

They didn’t identify the district for safety reasons, although I would think they would want everyone to know there are armed teachers and faculty members in their schools in the hopes that it would deter any would-be shooters.

The superintendent of the district was one of those being trained and he explained why:

“When does help come? You know every thirty seconds people die. That’s not acceptable. I don’t know when a 9-1-1 call gets made. I don’t know when law enforcement arrives. It’s not that they don’t want to help, but when do they help, and I want to keep my kids safe.”

The training featured on the news was being conducted by John Benner’s Tactical Defense Institute. To date they have trained over 400 teachers and faculty members and report that there are over 2,000 on a waiting list to be trained. They also reported that they have had educators from a number of other states obtain training at Benner’s institute in Ohio. The Buckeye Firearms Association is covering the cost of training for the teachers and faculty members. Benner is a former SWAT commander.

Not only do they receive firearms training but they undergoing casualty and trauma training to help anyone injured in a shooting or any other catastrophe. Upon completion of the course, every person is given a classroom trauma kit. Upon completion of the third and final phase of training, each school is given their own trauma kit, again all provided by Buckeye Firearms.

Buckeye Firearms reports:

“Called FASTER (Faculty / Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response), the nonprofit program has to date provide high-level training to more than 400 teachers and administrators from 152 school districts in 63 of Ohio’s 88 counties over the last three years.”


‘“The response from Ohio educators has been more enthusiastic than we could have ever imagined,’ said Joe Eaton, FASTER Program Director.”


“‘When we first announced that we planned to train teachers in armed response and emergency medical aid,’ Eaton continued, ‘some people said teachers would never sign up. But within days of announcing the program, we had 600 apply for training. In weeks, it soared to over 1,000. Today we have nearly 2,000 faculty members from all over Ohio waiting in line for a chance to get this training. And more are contacting us every day.’”

One of the students at the firearms training school is a former deputy and firefighter who is currently working as a resource officer in a different Ohio school district. He was there for his own training. When he arrived, he was adamantly opposed to the idea of arming teachers and faculty members but upon completion of the course, he has changed his mind and said he plans to return to his district in hopes of persuading them to approve of the training and to allow graduates of the course to carry conceal weapons with them on campuses in his district.

If you live in Ohio and your school district is not one of those taking advantage of the firearms training for their teachers and faculty, then it’s your job to persuade them take measures to protect your children. After all, wouldn’t you feel better if you knew that your child(ren) were as protected as Obama’s?

Dave Jolly

R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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