This Senator Endorsed Ted Cruz, But the Media Has the Story Backwards

The media makes a big deal that only one Senator endorsed [score]Ted Cruz[/score] while fourteen endorsed [score]Marco Rubio[/score].

Yesterday, the media reported rather patronizingly that a Senator endorsed Ted Cruz, “finally.”’s story, for example, began:

Marco Rubio has the endorsement of 14 of his fellow senators, while Ted Cruz has a goose egg on that front. But that’s finally changing on Thursday afternoon: Utah’s [score]Mike Lee[/score] will publicly back his friend Cruz, reports BuzzFeed News.

So Ted Cruz’s lack of Senate support (until Mike Lee’s endorsement) is portrayed as a weakness and an embarrassment.

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The media has it backwards. The real story is that the Senate is embarrassed by what has happened.

Think of it! Fourteen Senators early in the race publicly endorsed Marco Rubio. How much did that help him? What chance does he have of getting the nomination?

If anything, the fact that Marco Rubio was popular with other Republican Senators may have raised more suspicions about him. The grassroots are in no mood to receive an appointed ruler from the establishment.

The bottom line is that the Senate does not choose the President. Rubio’s greater popularity in the Senate could mean they are banding together to wield power in a way that angers the voters. Cruz’s alleged lack of popularity in the Senate could mean he opposed their agenda and defended the voters’ interests.

The media pointing out that Rubio is more popular than Cruz in the Senates doesn’t tell us anything. And when we remember Rubio’s involvement in “the gang of eight,” we realize that indeed, his popularity comes from the fact that he sided with the establishment against the Tea Party voters who put him in office. On the other hand, while Cruz angered Republican Senators by arguing for defunding Obamacare, he was doing so to honor the will of the voters.

Here is Mike Lee’s endorsement.

Mike Lee took hits because he supported Ted Cruz’s stand against Obamacare that led to the “government shutdown.” My guess is that his preference was to endorse Rand Paul. The fact that he’s how endorsed Cruz is significant.

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