This Ridiculous Study Is Being Funded by Taxpayer Dollars

There is no doubt that women and men are different. I have always pointed to the ways the two sexes dealt with particular situations. Men are more analytical while women are more emotional. Now these are norms but do not always hold true. But how many have considered the relation between glaciers and women?

That is right. Not just regular women but feminists and glaciology are the centers of a new study.

Fox reports

Researchers at the school published a scientific study examining the “relationship between gender and glaciers” as part of a federally-funded government grant from the National Science Foundation.


The paper, titled “Glaciers, gender, and science” and authored by University of Oregon professor Mark Carey, found that “ice is not just ice” and called on scientists to take a “feminist political ecology and feminist, postcolonial” approach when researching glaciers and climate change.

It seems that this man has done some research and found that there is a way that women study the effects our environment has had on glaciers that a man cannot. ┬áMen must think like a “postcolonial Feminist.”

Fox continues

The study, which centers around “feminist glaciology,” was published in January and was part of a nearly half-million dollar federal grant, according to The Free Beacon and College Fix — though it’s unclear how much of the $412,930 in funds went specifically toward Carey’s paper.


“Glaciers are key icons of climate change and global environmental change,” Carey wrote. “However, the relationships among gender, science, and glaciers — particularly related to epistemological questions about the production of glaciological knowledge — remain understudied.”

What? But I was under the impression that women and men were supposed to be equal. Would this study not undermine this presupposition? This is foolishness and would be laughable if not for the size of the cost and who is paying.

I would not give you 400 pennies for this mess, much less $412,930. But, it is much easier to spend someone else’s money. This is the reason that government should not be involved in science at all. If it is worthwhile, private funding will support the research.

I demand a refund

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