This Petition Signed by 40 University Faculty Members is Truly Despicable

There is little hope that we can, in my lifetime, find our way out of this rabbit hole. The lack of logic in our country is staggering. And it is so because illogical thought is spoon fed our young people.

Case in point is the movement to divest Israel. This movement has been gathering steam in our universities for months. They call themselves the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement or BDS. As I reported, they have a large following within the California teachers union and the UAW.

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And they are gaining adherence in Columbia University.

The Columbia Spectator reports

Forty faculty members have signed a petition calling upon the University to “divest from corporations that supply, perpetuate, and profit from a system that has subjugated the Palestinian people.”
The petition, released Monday morning on the first day of Israeli Apartheid Week, notes that the signatories are in solidarity with student groups Columbia University Apartheid Divest, Students for Justice in Palestine, and Jewish Voice for Peace. CUAD demanded in February that Columbia divest from eight specific corporations “that profit from the State of Israel’s ongoing system of settler colonialism, military occupation, and apartheid law” as part of the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement.

What this means is that these students and faculty have thought this through and have determined that the Israeli people and government are to blame for the violence and suffering in their country.

According to these people Israel, who is regularly bombed, rocketed, and attacked by Arabs living in Palestine are the ones who are the oppressors. And have earned the comparison to South African Apartheid.

This, when knowing the history, is hard to justify.  As from the very beginning of Israel’s existence as a nation, they have sought ways to include a people who repeatedly have sought only the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

This movement would be comical if not so sad.

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