NC City Council Passes Ordinance That Has Citizens OUTRAGED

This NC City Council Passed a New Ordinance That Has Citizens OUTRAGED

It should seem to be an easy call. Most in North Carolina seem to know the right answer. But, when you get to the largest city in North Carolina, it has not been that easy to answer the question.

Last month, the Charlotte City Council voted to allow people to choose which bathroom and locker room they should use. This was a part of a non-discrimination law that was passed and was directed at protecting the rights of transgender persons.

The ordinance passed even though Governor McCrory said that the state would strike it down. This process has begun.

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WBTV reports

One of the lead Republicans in the North Carolina Senate calls portions of Charlotte’s new non-discrimination ordinance “crazy” and says it puts children and families at risk.

“The idea that grown men and young girls should use the same bathroom and middle school boys and girls should share locker facilities defies common sense and puts children and families at risk,” Sen. Berger said Thursday. “This is crazy.”

This press conference looked like a show of strength, as the start date for the ordinance is only a month away. It could and should be a sign that the state has no intention of allowing this law to stand.

And, even more encouraging is the fact that the House already has the numbers to call a special session.

WBTV reports

House Speaker Tim Moore said Thursday he had received requests from more than three-fifths of the chamber’s 120 members to hold a special session. He started polling fellow House Republicans last week, soon after Charlotte’s non-discrimination ordinance was passed.

This means that if sufficient support could be mustered in the Senate, thirty Senators according to WBTV, then the special session could soon be called. It is likely if they meet that the law would not ever be enacted.

Pray that the Senators put the safety of our children ahead of their time off.

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