THIS IS CNN: Reporting Live From Strip Club to Attack President Trump

I remember clearly my time spent in the grocery store as a child, and, in particular, the bizarre headlines of the World Weekly News that would greet my every week.

The tabloid paper that once dominated the grocery store aisles was iconic not just for its ridiculous headlines, but also for its unique look:  A squarish bifold, printed on flimsy newspaper stock, and always in black and white.  Certainly, this would have helped the trashy rag save money, but it was also a tongue in cheek bit of marketing genius.

You see, when it comes to the World Weekly News, the front page headline was always the key, purporting that some mythical creature or super villain was involved, sometimes sexually, with some famous politician, movie star, or the ever-popular “bat boy”.

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The fictional character became synonymous with the idea of tabloid journalism, the original version of fake news, and soon became a pop culture phenomenon, even going so far as to spawn his own musical.

We’re not suggesting that you indulge in this full 2 hour “musical” – just providing proof that such a bit of nonsense exists.

Bat Boy was simply the most famous of the World Weekly News regular characters, likely due to his complete and utter absurdity.  When the obviously farcical paper began digging into politics is when things got truly interesting.  For instance, when they reported in 2016 that Bill Clinton would be endorsing Donald Trump in the general election over his own wife, the doomed democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“At an announcement at Trump Town in Manhattan today, Bill Clinton told the world that he has decided to endorse Donald Trump for President.

“In a hastily arranged press conference, Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States and husband of Hillary Clinton, said that he felt in his heart that Donald Trump would make a better president than his own wife.

“’I have nothing against Hillary. She has been a loyal public servant for over 30 years and she has stood by me personally for my whole life.  But, the country is a mess.  Barack Obama has left the economy in shambles, diplomatic relations around the world are crumbling, there are wars everywhere and this crazy Obamacare is destroying middle class Americans.  Hillary wants to continue Obama’s policies and I just don’t feel that is the right direction the country needs to go. Donald Trump is the change we need.’”

Of course, this could all be due to the fact that, according to the World Weekly News, Hillary had previously adopted an extraterrestrial infant years ago.

Now, it looks as though CNN is taking a page out of the World Weekly News playbook this week, while pursuing a case surrounding Donald Trump and adult actress Stormy Daniels.

Daniels, a veteran of the industry, is making the bold claim that Donald Trump once had an affair with the actress, but then pushed her to sign a nondisclosure agreement regarding their time together.

“More than 16 months ago, Stormy Daniels signed a confidentiality agreement that prohibited her from discussing her alleged affair with Donald Trump. Or his business. Or his children. Or his ‘alleged children.’

“Under the agreement, Daniels couldn’t even keep a copy of the agreement. The penalty for defying these constraints? One million dollars each time.

“Now, the porn star is trying to rewrite the script. She hired an aggressive new lawyer, Michael Avenatti, who won a $454 million medical fraud verdict last year, the largest in the state of California in 2017. She took the president of the United States to court, declaring that the “hush agreement” under which she was paid $130,000 is void because it lacks Trump’s signature.”

This has meant big business for the porn star, who recently took her story to one of the biggest names in news.

“Possibly in defiance of a secret gag order, Daniels on Thursday gave a yet-to-be-aired interview to CBS News’s ’60 Minutes.’ She spoke with a reporter for a story published by Rolling Stone on Friday under a headline calling her “the Hero America Needs.’ She’s lately been sassy on Twitter, mocking critics and correcting their misspellings.”

But what exactly will Stormy’s sordid story accomplish?  Likely nothing, thanks to the impervious nature of the Trump PR bubble.

We must remember, for better or for worse, that this president has already escaped the wrath of the Access Hollywood debacle, in which we were forced to hear him, in his own voice, say some fairly vulgar things before the election even occurred.

Simply put:  Trump won’t be reeling from any further character assassination plots, especially if they include sex workers like Stormy.  In all honesty, there is little that Trump could do outside of kicking a puppy on national television that would endanger his presidency, given the left’s already exhaustive attempts to bury the Commander in Chief under controversy.

But still they try, day in and day out, with CNN and the other liberal-leaning “news” stations pulling out all the stops in order to cast a filthy pall on the President himself.  (Well, not all the stops:  We haven’t heard about his adopted alien baby…yet).

The latest smear campaign, (the one including the resourceful and timely Ms. Daniels), has even sent a reporter from the “worldwide leader in news” to a strip club in order to interview the actress/dancer.

“CNN dispatched a camera crew to Stormy Daniels’ first live performance since she filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump claiming the nondisclosure agreement she signed to keep quiet about their alleged affair is invalid because he never signed it.

“Daniels, a porn star who regularly makes appearances at strip clubs across the country, was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Friday night to perform at the Solid Gold gentleman’s club.

“CNN correspondent Nick Valencia appeared on New Day the morning after Stormy’s show to report that she performed in front of about 200 people, and gave an interview during a meet and greet afterwards.

“Daniels avoided questions about her lawsuit, but told Valencia about how her newfound fame has affected her.”

Video of the strange encounter has to be seen to be believed.

Predictably, Americans were unenthused by the media stalwart’s publicity stunt.


Perhaps one day CNN will return to its journalistic roots, but there are very few Americans willing to hold their breath until such a time.


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