THIS IS CNN: President’s Private Parts Pontificated Upon in Prime Time

Some of the jokes being made about “Trump Derangement Syndrome” are fairly hilarious, while others are becoming eerily prescient in our modern media landscape.

The idea behind Trump Derangement Syndrome is that those who opposed the election of Donald Trump back in 2016 are being forced into a mindset of pure lunacy based on the continued success of Donald Trump, and the growing success of the American economy during his presidency.  Furthermore, in what could be the most devastating bit of reality for these avowed “resisters”, is that Donald Trump is achieving at such a pace that a number of prominent, former anti-Trump voices are softening.

This could be due to the success of the President in certain key realms, or due to the Great Awakening that we are seeing in society today.  Thanks to tools such as the internet, and extraordinary actions by groups such as Wikileaks, the American people are seeing behind the curtain of Washington politics in ways that they never have before.  This is bad news for people like Hillary Clinton, who are being outed and ousted at a record pace in the wake of this revelatory revolution.

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If the Second American Revolution is coming, it will be against the corporate entities that limit our knowledge, and against those in power who propagate such horrific ideals.

Now, as if to prove my point in earnest, CNN has devolved from a “news” organization hellbent on educating the American public, into a salacious tabloid whose only true goal is the continued corporate oppression of the American electorate.

Oh, and they also hate Donald Trump enough to spend precious minutes of their primetime advertising real estate on describing his penis.

CNN aired a segment about Stormy Daniels’ new book that described what Donald Trump’s genitals looks like on The Lead with Jake Tapper Tuesday.

“Lots of books claim to be tell-alls, but they don’t follow through. Stormy Daniels’ new book about her life is not that book. Wow. She tells all,” Jake Tapper said to introduce the segment.

“From the details of her career in porn to, yes, being in bed with the future president of the United States, and even being able to pick certain parts of him out of a lineup–then being threatened to shut up about it. All these accounts are in there. CNN has an early copy,” Tapper added.

And, here’s what CNN has devolved to:

Here’s a real screenshot, from CNN today:

CNN’s “journalism” belongs in the impulse-buy section of the grocery store, next to the Altoids and Red Bull.



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