This Black Lives Matter Activist Just Threatened To Do This if Trump Wins

Rapper and prominent Black Lives Matter activist Tef Poe tweeted out that if Trump wins, “niggas…are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere.”

Not long after he tweeted that message to “white people,” Tef Poe – whose Twitter handle is “War Machine III” – deleted it and then denied having sent it. However, the tweet was archived and can be viewed here.


Tef Poe Tweet

He also said in a following tweet that “we’ve been too nice as is,” and that if Trump wins, there “ain’t no more rules.”

Right after he deleted his initial tweet about “inciting riots everywhere,” he blamed others for slandering him and claimed that he didn’t make any threats. He tweeted:

“Long story short y’all know the drill. Inaccurate info and slander can’t stop the wave. We’re on the love vibration right now.”

Paul Joseph Watson with Infowars provided a little background information on Tef Poe:

Poe is by no means a nobody. He has appeared in innumerable articles charting the rise of “Black Lives Matter” and was credited with coining the phrase, “This ain’t your grandparents’ civil rights movement.”

The rapper was one of the co-founders of Hands Up United, a “social justice” organization that emerged after the death of Michael Brown that was responsible for coordinating large BLM protests in the St. Louis area.

The protests leading up to a Donald Trump campaign event in Chicago – that also prompted the GOP candidate to cancel the event – was organized in part by Black Lives Matter. Other organizers were University of Illinois students and activists with George Soros has actually given $33 million to Black Lives Matter as well as $1.46 million to

Infowars writer Watson also pointed out the irony of how media pundits have been quick to blame Donald Trump and his rhetoric for rioting and overall discord. But during the Ferguson riots, media pundits defended rioting as a “part of the American experience,” as a TIME magazine contributor put it.

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