Robert E Lee Statue

These People Are Trying to Erase History

Yesterday, I reported on a movement to remove the statue of General Robert E. Lee from Lee Park in Charlottesville Virginia. The movement seems to be offended by the presence of the statue.

I stated that there were two reasons that they wish to have the statue removed. The first I said was because they wrongly believe that General Lee was a pro-slavery racist. I showed that this was not true of Lee nor was it true for most who fought.

I did this by pointing out the fact that most cultures do not celebrate hatefulness and violence. And that there is little doubt that black men freed from slavery or those born free would have fought for the preservation of slavery.

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The second issue is brought out by Breitbart

The entire debate, however, is founded on the false premise that statues exclusively “celebrate,” “glorify,” or “romanticize” history. Do these words sound familiar to you? They should, as they are consistently used by vexatious agenda-pushers in pursuit of a didactic moral and cultural authority. These social justice warriors use language as a framing weapon. By saying statues “celebrate” history, they subtly cast defenders of history into defenders of the individuals contained within it.

There are some no doubt that there are some who have and will romanticize the Confederacy and the War Between the States. But, that is not what this statue or any other was set up to do. And Robert Shimshock so aptly pointed out, these people are seeking a “didactic moral and cultural authority.

This scrubbing clean of our history by these people gives them a measure of power and revenge. They use the word justice to hide their insidious motives. They wish to strip history from those they see as the guilty so that having no past these people will have no future.

We have to wonder what the result will be for all those who find themselves on the wrong side of history. Will they have the roots and family strength to push forward, or will they be left without a past?

For many Southerners, it is mostly already happened. Ashamed of what they were told their fathers did and thought; they wonder aimlessly, having become the very thing that their fathers fought to prevent. They like their sons after them have become mere industrial cogs in an economic machine.

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