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The War On Religion’s Newest Battlefield: The Head Cold


The absurdity of the war against religion has reached dizzying new heights in recent years, and the latest battle being waged by the anti-Christ crowd will leave you furious.

No, we’re not talking about yet another liberal judge upholding former President Barack Obama’s dangerous and unnatural gender-fluid bathroom decree, nor are we talking about educational institutions taking harsher stances on praying or creationism being allowed for students.  Oh no, the latest battle against the Christian and religious right comes in the form of a cordial and well-meaning phrase many of us have already used today.

“On Thursday, Ariel Scott of The New York Daily News took on the most important topic of the day: whether we should say ‘God bless you’ to each other when we sneeze. Now, the vast majority of people who say ‘God bless you’ do so because they’re attempting to be nice – they’re acknowledging that you’ve had some sort of physical expression of discomfort, even if it’s instinctive, and they’re trying to signal their sympathy. It’s a harmless if somewhat antiquated public convention. So the hell what?

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“Not good enough, says Scott. ‘It has obvious religious connotations but they’re archaic and no longer make any sense in our modern-day world.’

“God forbid somebody should say the word God to this guy.

“He continues along these lines:

“‘You never know who you’re trying to bless and not everyone’s going to be receptive of your random act of kindness. Atheists, for example, might respond to a “bless you” with a roll of the eyes. Someone of another faith may not appreciate your blessings if they perceive you to be of another (potentially opposing) set of beliefs.'”

No, this is not an article from The Onion or any other satirical entertainment site parading around with all the trappings of a legitimate news source; Ariel Scott actually believes what he is proposing.

Never mind all of the semantic nonsense that liberals and progressives will spout in your general direction about “inclusivity” and “micro aggressions”.  In America, from the time of its very inception, we have had freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.  Should a Christian believe that the appropriate response to your sickness be to wish you well in the name of their lord, so be it!  It should be considered a positive and uplifting gesture made from one human being to another, not some sort of religious attack or curse.


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