The TSA Finally Does Something We Can Get Behind!

It’s not often that we are confronted with an egregious error of government as offensive as the Transportation Security Administration, meaning that every opportunity to discuss their limited merit is an opportunity worth taking.

The TSA represents everything that is wrong with our post-9/11 world; the subversion, the submission, and the shame.  Being hastily installed to specifically target one type of terror tactic, and employing tens of thousands of poorly trained Blue Coats, the TSA is the laughing stock of law enforcement and an embarrassment to those who have fought and died for liberty.

What liberty is there when I have to remove my clothes and be submitted to radiation just to get on an airplane?

Now, finally, it looks as though the TSA could be trending in the right direction.

The Transportation Security Administration is considering eliminating passenger screening at more than 150 small and medium-sized airports across the US, according to senior agency officials and internal documents obtained by CNN.

The proposal, if implemented, would mark a major change for air travel in the US, following nearly two decades of TSA presence since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and comes as the
Trump administration has stepped up screening measures for items such as laptops and tablets.
Internal documents from a TSA working group say the proposal to cut screening at small and some medium-sized airports serving aircraft with 60 seats or fewer could bring a “small (non-zero) undesirable increase in risk related to additional adversary opportunity.”
The internal documents from June and July suggest the move could save $115 million annually, money that could be used to bolster security at larger airports.
I wonder how much we could save if we allowed the free market to come up with a security solution for our nation’s airports and marinas, rather than handing a blank check over our corrupt and incorrigible cadre of “public servants” living in the “ruling class”?

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