There Is A Conspiracy To Silence Christians in Columbia, SC

Yesterday, I reported that there were significant moves being made by the LGBT Agenda in the city of Columbia. One of the former city councilmen, Cameron Runyan had spoken out about laws that they were trying to pass. Laws which would significantly affect the people of Columbia.

Now there is the question why. Why would they wish to make such laws? This is what the councilman explained next.

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The Washington Standard reports:

“When I tried to understand why they were doing this, what I discovered in the process that prior to my time on the council, they had already passed a couple of laws,” Runyan said. “What they were trying to do with the secret commission law was to operationalize the existing laws.”

Think about what he is saying. This was not a standalone law. It was designed to make existing laws work together, and be more effective. But what would they affect? You would not know that until they all worked in unison with one another.

The Standard continued:

“These two laws that attempt to do three things,” Runyan told us. “The
first law is a straight up bathroom bill, except this particular bathroom bill says that not only can you not segregate on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation, it says you cannot segregate on the basis of gender.”

Think about that just for a moment if you live in the City of Columbia. If you go to school, church, a shopping center or wherever and bathrooms are marked for women and men, it is considered illegal by law! I honestly wonder how many Communists are in Columbia and on the City Council writing this lawlessness!

To be clear, if you have a church or school in Columbia, you would not be allowed to have male and female bathrooms. You could not mark these restrooms male and female, or you would be guilty of breaking this “law.”

But that is not all.

The Washington Standard reports:

“The worst part of this particular law is that they stuck a conspiracy clause at the end,” Runyan said. “What the conspiracy clause says is that you cannot coerce, compel or incite someone to possibly discriminate against another person on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.”

So much for preaching certain passages from the Bible. If you did, you would be arrested. And this all while Nikki Haley claims there is no need for a religious freedom law in South Carolina.

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