The Respect These Idaho Fifth Graders Show Their School’s Flag Has Gone Viral

When it comes to public schools and the American flag, the stories we usually hear are of teaches kneeling during the anthem, schools nixing the Pledge of Allegiance, and the pervasive anti-American, SJW curriculum that teaches resentment for Western expansion and rejection of the Judeo-Christian values on which our nation was founded.

So when you hear about members of the next generation learning to respect their country’s flag instead of kneeling before it, it’s no surprise the story has gone viral.

Just because the majority of the media, entertainment industry, and loudest members of our government tend to be far-left, anti-American progressives, doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of good, salt-of-the-earth people out there who love their  country and aren’t afraid to show it and fortunately, these people are capable of making a good impression on children.

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At an elementary school in Hayden, Idaho, one parent was so impressed with the respect three fifth-graders showed the school flag, that she snapped a picture that has now gone viral.

KHQ reports:

ld Glory flies triumphantly above Hayden Meadows Elementary.

But, every day at the end of school, three keepers of the flag make sure she’s in safe hands.

Fifth graders Naylan Tuttle, Jack LeBreck, and Casey Dolan go through the steps necessary to make sure the U.S. flag is properly folded and stored without it ever touching the ground.

It’s a sign of respect, something these boys take seriously.

“This is our nation’s flag, this is our school’s flag, it’s how we represent our country,” Jack LeBreck said.

Their selfless act has now gone viral; the boys were folding the flag after school Wednesday when a parent snapped a picture.

“If you let it touch the ground then you disrespect our country is what I heard,” LeBreck said.

What is particularly stunning about this picture is that one of the little boys is laying down to ensure the flag does not touch the ground:

🇺🇸 ❤️Viewer Amanda witnessed this outside Hayden Meadows Elementary School and said the following:"Wow! I just…

Posted by KHQ Local News on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

KHQ explains that one school employee has had a particularly profound impact on these boys, which is perhaps why they know at such a young age exactly how valuable our flag is:

But behind every great kid is a mentor and Mac McCarty, the school’s custodian, is that man.

“I’m a 20 year veteran of the United States Air Force, my father was a Marine, my grandfather was a Navy man,” McCarty said, “and family that’s been in the service for a long time and it’s just a nice opportunity to express it to the young and let them pick it up.”

“Mr. Mac” is what the kids call him.

He’s been there to help teach them how to properly fold and store.

“They did themselves proud, they did their families proud, they did our school proud and our community and I’m very proud of them and I’m sure their families are very proud of them as well,” McCarty said.

They’ve done their country proud, too.


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