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The REAL Reason That Michelle Wolf Is In The Media’s Crosshairs…

Just to warn you all before you delve deep into this theory; it certainly won’t be the same opinion that you’re hearing from the majority of the mainstream media regarding Michelle Wolf and her White House Correspondent’s Dinner, but it needs to be said.

In the days following “nerd prom”, as it has become known to the nation, there has been an enormous backlash over Michelle Wolf’s 19 minute anti-Trump diatribe, er, “monologue”.  Wolf, whose Roseanne Barr-like voice and frizzy red hair have become her calling card, has always pushed the boundaries of decency in her comedy, taking what could be considered a very male approach to the world of women’s comedy.

In other words, she engages in a bit of “locker room talk” on the regular, which is something that the press was absolutely aware of.  Right?  I mean, that would be their job to know after all.

So when all of this outrage sprung up around a joke likening Sarah Huckabee Sanders to “Aunt Lydia” from popular television show The Handmaid’s Tale, the mainstream media pounced on this as an attack on Sanders’ looks.  I would contend that, instead, it was a liberal attempt to tie the dystopian future of The Handmaid’s Tale to the Trump presidency, given the left’s penchant for believing that Trump could be some form of political antichrist.

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But the media knew that the only way to attack Wolf would be to use her gender against her, and thus accuse her of being whatever you would call an “Uncle Tom” in the world of overt feminism.

And why did they want to disparage her so much?  Because Michelle Wolf pulled back the curtain on their inexcusable shenanigans in front of the entire country and their feelings were hurt.

Check out the jokes below:

From 17:17 to 18:40, Michelle Wolf entirely eviscerates the entire charade of the mainstream media, explaining to the world that these entertainment channels are working to promote anger, vitriol, and disgust in order to make money.

Sure, the Aunt Lydia joke was fairly pedantic and easy to distort into some feminism-bashing tirade, but make no mistake about it:  The media hates Michelle Wolf because she didn’t give them a free pass at their own “nerd prom”.

Just look at these faces during her explanation of how the media propped up Trump to profit off of him:

Mainstream Media Mainstream Media Mainstream Media

These are not happy journalists.  These are people who are watching themselves be torn to shreds by the truth of their actions.  These are the faces of men and women who just had an ugly, sobering epiphany in the middle of their big night, that had already been marred by the refusal of their guests of honor to attend.

Sure, there was plenty wrong with Michelle Wolf’s outlandish performance, but don’t think for a second that the mainstream media is fuming over that Handmaid’s Tale joke.  That would be just another instance of fake news.

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