The Price of Rareness

Sotheby’s, the New York Based British brokerage house for collectibles, art, etc. , sold a 59.6 carat rare pink diamond for $71 million dollars.

The large price tag has invoked many emotions with people. There are those who are flabbergasted that someone would spend that on a “rock” when there are people starving on the planet. There are also those who want the rock for themselves.

A basic lesson in economics will tell you that something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. My wife has several pieces of jewelry. Most have been gifts because she only buys fake stuff for herself, and she rarely does that. Her mother has given her a sapphire bracelet, an emerald ring, diamond earrings, and ruby necklace over the years. It makes it tough to compete, so I usually give her a meat thermometer, cookware or some other useful object. However, with all of the things she has, I know that if our house catches on fire, as soon as she has the children to safety, she is going in to grab her grandmother’s locket. She doesn’t wear it because it turns her green, but it means more to her than any other possession she has. It is fake gold and not particularly artful in appearance, but because it belonged to a woman she truly treasured, it has more value for her than that pink diamond Sotheby’s sold.

Rare means not occurring often. By that definition, each individual human life is rare because no two people, even twins, are exactly alike. However, some put little value on it and certainly not multi-millions. Abortion is the clearest evidence of this. Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Obesity, Murder, physical and mental abuse and a wide range of inflicted damage clearly show we value life very little.

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Now I am certain someone is going to let me know the population of the earth. Well, I will tell you that while there may be many people, each individual life has rare value.

Also, to the lady who told me the other day, “If you don’t like abortion , don’t have one,” first off, I do not have the equipment to become pregnant. I understand that biology is not your strong suit since you don’t get the concept of life. Second off, that is like saying if you don’t like rape, don’t get raped.

We are not choosing between two different T-shirts here; we are “choosing” between life and death. The last time I checked, murder wasn’t a multiple choice option for anyone with a conscience.

What is the value of life to you? Is it worth an hour of your time each week to write your senators and congressman or volunteer at a crisis center or do any of the various things available to help others? If so, I hope you will do that and not say “My hour makes no difference.” It can make ALL of the difference in the world to the person on the receiving end of your time. Your hour can even mean the difference between life and death.

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