The Pope Takes Cheap Shot at Trump Over Embassy Relocation

President Trump and Pope Francis haven’t exactly been seeing eye to eye over the course of the U.S. President’s first term.

The ultraliberal Pope is certainly no fan of the business mogul who soundly defeated Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, and for a multitude of predictable reasons.  Give that the high pontiff tends to align himself more with the radical left than the evangelical right, there was never really any doubt that the two would clash once Trump made it to the world stage.

Their first bout of faux fisticuffs came over the Pope’s incessant belief in the global warming hoax – a throughly debunked amalgam of faulty science and propaganda originally made famous during a get-rich-quick scheme by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.  Gore’s “carbon credits” company was bolstered heavily by his own documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, making the former American diplomat wildly rich upon its release.

Trump, who has a no-nonsense approach to the liberal scam, had previously butted heads with the Pope over this issue.  When the two first met, the snarky religious icon “gifted” the President a copy of a letter that the Pope himself had written regarding this undying belief in the phony tragedy.

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Now, the two are sparring yet again, this time over Donald Trump’s announcement that the U.S. embassy in Israel will be moving to Jerusalem – something that the Pope believes will anger the Muslim world.

“In its major story on the U.S. decision to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the Vatican’s newspaper described the measure as igniting a powder keg in the region.

“With its Dec. 6 frontpage headline ‘Trump Inflames the Middle East,’ L’Osservatore Romano framed the question of U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel in terms of the negative and perhaps violent responses the action will provoke.

“The article alludes to an increased ‘risk of terrorism in the region’ as well as ‘mounting fears of possible demonstrations of protest and unrest.’ The announcement has given rise to ‘profound perplexity’ even within the Trump administration, the Vatican daily alleges.

“Furthermore, there is opposition to the decision on the part of the Department of State’s office for the Near East, the ambassadors of the region, and ‘even a part of the secret services,’ the article declares.”

Reaction to the President’s declaration has been much, much different in the rest of the world, however.

In the United States, only the radical left has shown any real opposition to the locale change, due only to their own ridiculous “resistance” to President Trump in any and all ways.  In reality, this is an issue that the liberal cabal would have gladly supported if it weren’t for The Donald’s involvement.

Once again, we have a high pontiff making up the church’s stance as he goes, rewriting the entire religious experience for those that subscribe to his almighty power.

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