The NFL’s Latest Anthem Decision Will Have You LIVID!

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This weekend marks the first full run of the 2018 NFL season, and there have been no shortage of fireworks so far.

Of course, many Americans had no idea.  The NFL has become such a black eye for this nation that a great swath of the population has simply given up on giving a damn about the league, thanks to the overpaid and bratty athletes who, when not beating the women they supposedly love, or driving drunk, or getting caught with illegal drugs, also choose to kneel during the National Anthem under the guise of seeking an end to “racial injustice”.

In reality, a great many of the nation’s voters believe that these protests are nothing more than a publicity stunt for these lesser known characters, who have found themselves an opportunity to catch headlines on newly liberal ESPN.

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After a weekend of bizarre results, (including the Cleveland Browns finally snapping their incredible loss streak with a tie, and my formerly beloved Buffalo Bills finding their way back to their frustrating early 2000’s form), the NFL may have confirmed what we were truly afraid of:  That they would take no action with regard to the anthem protests that have marred their once-patriotic reputation.

ESPN is reporting that league insiders have said that the NFL is unlikely to issue any rulings on the anthem issue regardless of whether talks with the players association continue or not, the Hill reported.

The report comes on the heels of an aborted rule that would have banned players from protesting during the nation’s song issued in May. But less than a month later the rule was abandoned when the National Football League Players Association filed a grievance against the rule mainly because the rule was instituted without their input in its creation.

The league then promised to sit down with the player’s association to hash out a permanent policy on dealing with protesting players. To date there has been no news at all on what has come of these promised meetings, nor has there been any reports that such meetings have yet been held.

The real reason for the vehement anger regarding these protests is not the idea that these player don’t have the right to free speech; the certainly do.

No, what Americans seem most furious about is the disparity between the offensiveness of these actions and the lack of followup up on the part of these extremely well-paid athletes.  There has been little followup by these one-percenters in order to bolster their “cause”, leading to the inevitable conclusion that these protests are merely stunts aimed at ballooning the social “worth” of these wealthy man-children.

They’re talking the talk, but certainly not walking the walk, and Americans are far too smart to be fooled like this anymore.

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