THE NEXT UNABOMBER? Serial Terrorist Latest Threat to Texans

The people of Austin, Texas have been mortified over the course of the last few weeks, and it has very little to do with the liberal invasion known as South By Southwest.

The music festival, marketed under the faux-colloquial moniker “SXSW”, has become an incessant breeding ground for Hollywood and music industry types, along with a healthy contingent from Silicon Valley in recent years.  With over ninety venues in all corners of the city, the festival showcases bands of all sizes, playing multiple sets throughout Austin over the course of a week.  In addition, the left has brought a number of social justice-themed installations to the gathering as well, hoping to indoctrinate these “hip” young music fans into their absurd cult of progressivism.

This year, in particular, has seen a massive rise in the radical left’s presence in the Texas capital, prompting my own scathing review of the tomfoolery in a previous article.

We can thank President Donald Trump for this, as he has become the de facto “trigger” for the radical left, upon whom all of the world’s problems have fallen…at least according to the misguided millennials who darken the doorsteps of his every appearance.

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With the festival finally, (and thankfully), over, the people of Austin, Texas were hoping that they would be able to reconnect with their city this week after throngs of highfaluting liberal activists have finally gathered their wagons and headed back out on the dusty trail to California.

Instead, Austinites have found themselves at the center of an egregious and anarchic spree of explosions that are rocking the city to its core.

“The latest of four bombings in the Austin area in the past 16 days has a “higher level of sophistication” than the previous three, according to an update from Austin Interim Police Chief Brian Manley.”

Four bombings in just over two weeks?  Manley has minced no words in his assessment of the situation.

“‘We are clearly dealing with what we expect to be a serial bomber at this point,’ Manley said.”

What’s worse still:  It seems as though our New Unabomber is growing his craft at an exponential rate.

“Hours after the bombing Manley said it is ‘very possible’ the device in Sunday night’s explosion was triggered by a tripwire. In a press conference around 10 a.m., he said the device that exploded has similarities to the other explosive devices, based on preliminary results, even though it does use a more complex tripwire system. He noted in an earlier press conference that the bombs have different kinds of projectiles within them.”

Luckily, this latest bombing was less effective than previous devices, despite the newfound complexity.

“Two men, who are 22 and 23 years old respectively, were either riding or pushing their bicycles, when the latest bomb next to a fence exploded in the ‘Travis Country East’ subdivision in southwest Austin around 8:32 p.m. Both men are in good condition at the hospital, according to a spokesperson for St. David’s South Austin Medical Center, but do have significant injuries. The Austin Police Department confirmed both men injured in the latest bombing are white, while the other victims were black or Hispanic. “

The unfathomable reality of these incidents has prompted an “all hands on deck” approach to apprehending this maestro of mayhem.  Not only are police gathering a menagerie of forces to assist in the investigation, but an increasingly enormous reward for information has been posted as well.

“Austin police say the reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever is responsible for three explosions that have killed two people and injured two others has risen by $50,000 to now total $115,000.

“Interim Police Chief Bryan Manley announced the reward boost Sunday as authorities pleaded for help.

“He says more than 500 officers, including federal agents, have conducted 236 interviews in following up 435 leads.”

While there has been no official motive or manifesto discovered by the authorities who are diligently working on the case, that hasn’t stopped the nation from wondering if they could be dealing with a madman similar to Ted Kaczynski, more commonly referred to as The Unabomber.

Of course, there is one glaring difference between Kaczynski and our as-of-yet unknown madman in Texas in that we understand The Unabomber – at least to the extent in which one can truly know a reclusive, remote killer who chose a solitary lifestyle even before incarceration.

“Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski’s writings indicate he was motivated to kill by a lifelong rage and hatred of society, not by love of nature nor disdain for technology.

“In dozens of personal musings in journals, diaries and a self-styled autobiography released Tuesday, prosecutors used Kaczynski’s own words to provide a stark account of his motives during an 18-year bombing spree that killed three and injured 29 others.

“‘I certainly don’t claim to be an altruist or to be acting for the “good’ (whatever that is) of the human race,’ Kaczynski wrote in an April 1971 journal entry. ‘I act merely from a desire for revenge.'”

Those chilling words belied a deeper hatred for the modern world held by Kaczynski, who spent nearly two decades of his life attempting to sow the seeds of chaos in America.

“In another entry around the same date, he writes, ‘I believe in nothing . . . I don’t even believe in the cult of nature-worshipers or wilderness-worshipers. (I am perfectly ready to litter in parts of the woods that are of no use to me – I often throw cans in logged-over areas or in places much frequented by people; I don’t find wilderness particularly healthy physically; I don’t hesitate to poach.)’

“The 92 pages of selected writings from 1969 to February 1996 were compiled from evidence seized by authorities from Kaczynski’s mountain shack after his arrest in April 1996.

“The excerpts included details from decoded diaries showing how his hostility toward others began in childhood, how he taunted his victims with letters and how he designed and constructed homemade bombs. His writings also detail methodical plans to escape detection and deceive authorities.”

Certainly, the most famous serial bomber of all time is an easy historical reference to examine while Austin struggles with this latest nitroglycerin nightmare, but just how similar are these latests blasts to Kaczynski’s work, both in style and in scope?

“Danny Coulson, a former FBI assistant director, said ‘there is no doubt that comparisons between the recent Austin, Texas package explosions and the Unabomber case are appropriate,’ reported Fox News.

“’The Unabomber’s bombs were very complicated, they were mainly constructed of wood. They were very effective,’ Coulson said. ‘I think we have a similar situation here,’ he said.”

This could help authorities to build a profile of their prolific new perpetrator, having understood that Kaczynski’s sophistication was likely driven by his incredibly high IQ, and his profound and prodigious understanding of mathematics.

Experts seems to agree that the sophistication of these deceives could help to identify a suspect in the case.

“A package bomb expert named Ben West told KXAN-TV that the Austin devices require some sophistication. ‘Because you can make a bomb then place it in a package and then rig it to explode at a specific time. So no, it’s not easy to do,’ said West to the TV station. He drew a comparison to the Unabomber, saying such package devices are rare in the U.S. and usually have a criminal or political motivation in other countries.”

For now, the city of Austin will wait, as local and federal law enforcement agencies continue to gather information in this terrifying investigation.


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