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The MSM is Coordinating an Attack on POTUS, And They Aren’t Even Hiding It

As we watch their world-ending meteor approaching, the dinosaurs of the legacy media are attempting one final push to remain out of harm’s way with a coordinated attack on the President of the United States.

This has been explained numerous times on our platform, and others in the free press of the internet, but it’s truer now more than ever:  The mainstream media is no longer a free and fair press, thanks to their bewildering obsession with remaining under the thumb of television advertisers.  These leviathans of language first refused to adapt to the new, digital world, and then they attempted to lash out against it by branding us “fake news” or “propaganda”.  They felt that, from their perch of wealth, that they would be safe.

They thought wrong.

The mere fact that internet advertising doesn’t work on set time slots and bidding wars for airtime was the game changer that the mainstream media refuses to speak on, because they know that they are beholden to any one of these revenue streams for survival.  On the internet, however, the advertisers all pool together and algorithms sort out what you actually see.  Think of it like a digital billboard on the highway that knows you just bought a house, so it shows you an ad for Sherwin Williams or IKEA.

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On CNN, they just pray that their generic, “market tested” ads hit a nerve.  If not, they have to ratchet up the rhetoric and the drama to get more people to watch…otherwise, the house-paint ad won’t hit the right demographic.

It’s archaic, and it certainly affects the coverage that you receive.  So, yes, there is a problem with the mainstream media, but it’s all their own fault.

Now, angry at getting called out for this unwillingness to adapt, (and the corruption it brings), the mainstream media has decided that they will now coordinate their content in order to disparage the President.

Folks:  This is literally the opposite of objective journalism.  

The Boston Globe last week asked news organizations to publish editorials condemning the president’s attitude towards the press.

“We have more than 100 publications signed up, and I expect that number to grow in the coming days,” Marjorie Pritchard, the Globe’s deputy editorial editor, told CNN.

“The response has been overwhelming,” she continued. “We have some big newspapers, but the majority are from smaller markets, all enthusiastic about standing up to Trump’s assault on journalism.”

At least this will make it very easy to spot which sources are no longer even trying to hide their bias.

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