Brett Kavanaugh

The Left’s Sinister Suppositions in Kavanaugh Yearbook Debunked

In all of the hoopla surrounding the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, nothing has been more incredulous than the claims surrounding the slang found in the Judge’s high school yearbook.

Sure, it’s bizarre enough that we are examining a nearly 4-decades-old yearbook for information regarding the fitness of a 7-time FBI investigated judge who has been federal radar for over a dozen years, but that’s just the America that we live in today.

In the yearbook, three phrases were under particularly heavy scrutiny:  “boof”, “Devil’s Triangle”, and “FFFFFF”….the last of which is just unbelievably idiotic.

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Now, thanks to Breitbart, a thorough debunking has been done on the conspiracy theory of these phrases, wholly eviscerating the liberal left’s convenient narrative that somehow all three of these sayings point to a nefarious and evil version of Brett Kavanaugh.

On Thursday, the “Devil’s Triangle” conspiracy theory was finally put to bed when four former Kavanaugh classmates issued sworn statements confirming that it was indeed a drinking game.

“If the phrase ‘Devil’s Triangle’ had any sexual meaning in the 1980s, we did not know it,” they wrote under penalty of felony.

One of the letter writers, Bernard McCarthy, wrote in his yearbook that he invented the name “Devil’s Triangle,” which is contemporaneous proof of its meaning. A total of six people have corroborated this.

Another sworn statement from a former classmate debunked the “boof” conspiracy theory.

A simple search of Google Books found that “boof” is indeed slang for passing gas.

As for the “F”‘s?

There you have it.

Meanwhile, the liberal left is pushing to have sites such as ours and Breitbart stricken from the internet as some sort of “fake news” cabal working hand in hand with the Russians.  (Or whatever cockamamy concoction they are working off of this week).


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